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Fox News Host Says When Hillary Wore Glasses, That Proved She Had Brain Damage (VIDEO)

Apparently Fox News knows that Donald Trump is all but finished, so now they, along with their allies on the far right, have decided to traffic in ridiculous rumors that there’s something terribly wrong with Hillary Clinton’s health which should disqualify her from the race for the White House.

The dimwitted hosts of the Fox News show “Fox and Friends” were hard at work this morning trying to stoke the conspiracy fires by saying they’d heard Dr. Drew Pinsky say he was “gravely concerned” about Clinton’s health. Steve Doocy, who is about as bright as a low-wattage flashlight seen from 100 miles away, said:

“And what he said on the radio yesterday. Is that the fact that when we saw Hillary Clinton wearing those prism glasses, a sign of brain damage and other things, and he’s worried about the care she’s getting so far.”

Fellow dunce Brian Kilmeade then joined the conversation:

“And if you want to — or remember, when she was wearing those glasses, remember when she made those famous line to Senator Ron Johnson, ‘What difference at this point does it make,’ that’s when she had those glasses on.”

It’s sad to see that Fox News, working in conjunction with the GOP and the Trump campaign, is so desperate to try and reverse the slide they’re facing that they would resort to this kind of blatant bullshit. But it shouldn’t surprise any of us because these are the same jackasses who have been saying for eight years that President Obama isn’t an American and wants to turn the United States into a socialist country. They have no shame whatsoever, and they don’t believe in facts. Yet another reason they must be defeated in November.

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By Andrew Bradford

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