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Fox News Host Says Las Vegas Shooter Was Targeting Christians (VIDEO)

Investigators in Las Vegas who are trying to determine the motive for Stephen Paddock’s mass shooting at a country music concert which left 58 people dead and hundreds more injured don’t need to look any further. Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt says it’s because Paddock was an atheist.

Earlier this week on the Fox morning show, Earhardt commented:

“His (Paddock’s) brother said he didn’t believe in God, or didn’t have a god or didn’t have faith in his life, so maybe – this is all speculation—but that possible could be the reason. He knows country musicians or country music fans are normally pro-God and go to church on Sundays. Maybe he has a problem with that, or had a problem with that.”

On the video (below) be sure and note that when Earhardt shares her theory with her co-hosts, there’s a five second silence from both of them. That led Earhardt to remark:

“OK. You all don’t want to weigh in on that. All right, stay silent.”

What Earhardt conveniently neglected to mention is that none of the six prior largest mass shootings in modern American history before Las Vegas — Orlando; Virginia Tech; Newtown; Killeen, Texas; and San Ysidro, Calif. — was committed by a shooter who was an atheist. And no study has ever shown that atheists or agnostics have a higher rate of criminal behavior than those who profess to be Christians.

For just a second, let’s turn the tables on Ms. Earhardt and remind her of a few cases of so-called “Christians” engaged in less than holy behavior:

  • The numerous cases of child abuse in the Catholic church.
  • Jim Baaker drugging and raping Jessica Hahn.
  • Jimmy Swaggart’s numerous liaisons with hookers in motel rooms.

So it would seem more than a bit ironic (not to mention hypocritical) of Earhardt or anyone else to point the finger at a non-believer as a reason for criminal conduct. Perhaps she forgets that her former boss, Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, was known for sexually harassing women for decades. If she’s so eager to find the reason for the bad things that happen in this world, maybe Ainsley Earhardt needs to start by taking a long look in the mirror and asking herself how she got to be so judgmental.

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By Andrew Bradford

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