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Fox News Host Declares Racism In America Was ‘Fixed’ When Obama Was Elected (VIDEO)

Apparently we can stop trying to combat racism in America, because Fox News host Jeanine Pirro says racism was “primarily fixed” when President Obama was elected not once, but twice.

The incredibly ignorant Pirro appeared on the brainless Fox News show “Outnumbered” Thursday afternoon, and during a discussion of race relations in the United States, the former judge let loose with this moronic declaration:

“The problem is that this president is looking in a rear view mirror. It doesn’t matter if he’s at a prayer breakfast and says, ‘You Christians had it coming, and it goes back to Christ and Jim Crow and slavery.’ I mean, why doesn’t he look forward?

“We’ve passed the Civil War, we’ve passed the Civil Rights era, we’ve got the laws in place, he is identifying things that he thinks are a problem and he doesn’t get his facts straight. America was colorblind when we voted for a black president twice. The problem is primarily fixed. He keeps making it worse. They have fewer jobs now. He is just stoking the flames.”

Allow me a moment, if you will, to address Pirro’s giant heap of dung: This President has been trying to move the country forward for eight years now, yet he has faced obstruction at every turn from a recalcitrant Republican party which has decided to throw up roadblocks on every piece of legislation he has presented. To pretend this isn’t in large part due to the color of Obama’s skin is not only disingenuous, it’s a flat-out lie.

Also, just because we voted for a black President twice in no way means this is colorblind society. Far from it. Black Americans are more likely to be unemployed, denied access to higher education, and incarcerated for minor drug offenses. They are also much more likely to be shot and killed by a police officer.

If Jeanine Pirro thinks this country has eradicated racism, perhaps she should relocate to a poor black neighborhood in the inner city live there for a year or two. Something tells me she might just change her mind.

Here’s Pirro making a total ass of herself on national television:

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