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Fox News Host: Clinton Looked ‘Composed,’ But ‘Not Necessarily Attractive’ (VIDEO)

By any standard you use to measure the first Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton mopped the floor with Donald Trump. She was polished, substantive, charming, and measured. Trump, on the other hand, was unhinged, annoying, abrasive, and his usual jerkweed self.

In the post-debate analysis on Fox News, host Brit Hume admitted that Clinton was indeed “composed,” but he then added the former Secretary of State wasn’t “attractive.” Hume said he watched the visuals of the debate instead of what was said (because why pay any attention to substance when optics are involved?), and this led him to speculate:

“What did [viewers] think of the two faces that they saw while the two candidates were not talking, when they were listening?”

From this bizarre analysis, Hume concluded:

“The Trump expression is one we’re all familiar with from the earlier debates. He looked annoyed, put out, uncomfortable.”

And then Hume went full sexist, proving that there is a giant double standard for a woman who dares to debate a man, especially if that woman is being critiqued on Fox News, where former CEO Roger Ailes is alleged to have sexually harassed dozens of women over his time at the network. This led Hume to declare:

“And she looked, I think, for the most part, she looked composed, smug sometimes, not necessarily attractive. I think a lot will turn on how people reacted to the faces they saw on the screen side by side tonight. We’ll have to wait to find out how that turns out.”

That’s like saying Clinton indeed won the debate, but since there wasn’t a swimsuit competition, who knows whether or not she has what it takes to be President? Perhaps Brit Hume would have been happier if there’d be a wet T-shirt competition. That way he could have at least had some fun in watching his candidate get his ass handed to him.

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