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Fox News Gives Trump Credit For Obama’s Final Jobs Report (VIDEO)

The Labor Department released the latest numbers on jobs Friday morning. The report, which covers the month of January, was the last which will be credited to President Obama, but to hear the pinheads on Fox and Friends tell it, the latest figures were proof that Donald Trump is already making America great again.

Host Heather Nauert was practically gushing as she exclaimed:

“The first jobs report under President Trump (is) fantastic news!”

Not so fast, Heather. The Human Combover took office on January 20, so this is not his first jobs report. It’s Obama’s last, and what you neglected to say is that it marks 76 consecutive months of job growth–the longest on record–for President Obama.

As Media Matters noted just shortly after Fox News tried to give the Cheeto-faced alleged president credit for something he doesn’t deserve:

“Unfortunately for Fox’s pro-Trump narrative, the job creation in this report does not belong to his administration. University of Chicago economist Austan Goolsbee, a former chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, pointed out that the “reference week” for the latest jobs data ran through January 12, meaning the entire report predates the Trump administration by over a week.”

No doubt we’ll be seeing lots of this in the months ahead: Fox News attempting to spin anything good as proof that the illegitimate American head of state is keeping his promises. When things go wrong (and you can count that being the case most of the time), the official propaganda organ of the GOP will try to gloss over it or blame it on one of three things:

  • Obama
  • Democrats
  • Islam

As their slogan, Fox News uses the line “fair and balanced.” If so many poorly informed idiots didn’t believe that was true, it would almost be laughable.

Watch the Fox morons spin:

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