Fox News Anchor: Use ‘Skin Color’ To Identify Bad Guys

Just when you think Fox News cannot possibly get anymore narrow-minded and racist, they manage to top themselves.

The latest winner in the “I’m Too Stupid For My Own Good” sweepstakes is Shannon Bream, who also happens to be the Supreme Court correspondent for Fox News. While discussing the attack in Paris on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Bream let loose with this inanity:

“That’s my question about these guys, because if we know if they were speaking unaccented French and they had, you know, ski masks on, do we even know what color they were, what the tone of their skin was?” said Bream. “I mean, what if they didn’t look like typical bad guys? As we define them when we think about terror groups”

So now the “bad guys” can be identified by the color of their skin, Shannon? Hmm…and what color exactly was Timothy McVeigh, who blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, killing 168 innocent civilians, including children, the worst act of domestic terrorism in the history of the United States?

Ms. Bream, in case you didn’t already know, comes from a fine legal and intellectual pedigree. Seems that other than her graduation from the Florida State University school of law in 1996, she was most well-known for having been named both Miss Virginia and Miss Florida USA while in college and earning her law degree. Prior to earning her juris doctorate at FSU, Ms. Bream attended Liberty University, which was founded by former televangelist and Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell. So is it really any surprise Bream has no idea what she is talking about and can only understand the world in racial stereotypes?

The “debate” on the Paris terrorist attack was finally (mercifully) concluded by another Fox News host, Kennedy Montgomery, whose claim to fame is that she was once a VJ on MTV. Montgomery, exercising her mental acuity, proclaimed:

“I think the best thing Americans can do is arm themselves.”

Americans can also arm themselves with the truth, which seems to be in short supply at Fox News.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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