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Fox Host Whines Because A NY Restaurant Asked To See A Photo ID With His Vaccine Card

Fox News host Bill Hemmer whined on Monday that he walked out of a New York City restaurant a few weeks back because they asked to see both his COVID vaccine card and a photo ID.

During a report on New York’s new vaccine rules for all restaurants, Hemmer told co-host Dana Perino:

“I popped into a restaurant three weeks ago. I said, I don’t have my vaccination card but I do have an app so I downloaded that and I showed it to them. And they said, ‘Sir, can we see something with your name on it?’

“I said, ‘Here’s my Amex, here’s my Visa. And they said, ‘Sir, can we see a card with your picture on it?'”

Perino inquired:

“Did you show your Fox News badge?”

Hemmer replied:

“I turned around and walked out! You guys can have it. Good luck. The joint was empty.”

What Hemmer didn’t mention is that the restaurant was merely doing what the law requires. He probably thinks that because he’s on television, everyone should know who he is and be glad to have him in their business. But is letting him in worth being shut down completely if the restaurant doesn’t comply?

The vast majority of us carry a photo ID with us at all times. If we’re driving, we’d damn well better have our driver’s license. And it also pays to either carry your vaccine card or a photo of it on your cell phone if you’re afraid of losing the card.

Hemmer and Fox News are partially to blame for resistance to the vaccine that’s seen among many of their most devoted viewers. But as President Biden pointed out just last week, even Fox News has a mandate that employees be vaccinated.

The only question that remains for Bill Hemmer to answer is this one: You want some cheese with that whine?

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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