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Fox Host Gets Mocked For Saying Americans Were ‘Freer Before The American Revolution’ Than They Are Now

According to Fox News host Mark Levin, Americans were more free before the Revolutionary War than they are now.

On his low-rated weekly show, Levin insisted that the colonists had it much better when it came to representation from King George III than they do in today’s Congress:

“Look at representation. Do we have representation today? Have you tried to meet your member of Congress lately? It’s impossible, and if you meet your representative, what do you tell them? They are passing 2,700 pages of omnibus spending bills in the middle of the night. You have no idea what’s in those bills. That’s less liberty than you had when we didn’t have representation, because what happens here is that you get to vote, but you don’t get to know anything.

“Yes, we were freer before the American Revolution than we are today. What a disgrace.”

We also have the internet, and a person can easily go online and read what’s in every piece of legislation that’s proposed in both the House and Senate. But that requires someone doing some work of their own instead of having it all spoon-fed to them the way most right-wingers seem to demand. 

For anyone to suggest we were freer under the dictatorial rule of King George III — who demanded we pay taxes but refused to give us representation in the British parliament — is not only disingenuous, it also bogus and an outright lie. Then again, all conservatives and those who support Donald Trump have are lies and conspiracy theories.

Here’s a suggestion for Mark Levin: If you’re so unhappy here in the United States, pack up all your shit and move. I’m sure you’d be warmly welcomed by Vladimir Putin until he tired of you and had you shot just outside the Kremlin.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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