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‘Fox And Friends’ Imbeciles Say Jailed Immigrants Have ‘Clean Sheets’ And An ‘Easy Life’ (VIDEO)

The brainless folks over at the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends were certainly in the Easter spirit Friday morning, perkily announcing that the “party’s over” for immigrants who are currently detained in the United States.

As part of a segment on changes in rules from the Trump administration regarding those detained on immigration charges, hosts Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt made it sound as if those who are incarcerated and on the path to being deported are living the high life, with Kilmeade commenting that detainees got to enjoy seven hours of outdoor activity a week:

“Get this: They’re enjoying seven hours of outdoor activity. Who gets that anymore? Fresh sheets ― I don’t get that. No need to learn English. I was born with that. But the Trump administration vowing a new plan to cut back on perks in their immigration crackdown, saying, expect a far less detailed set of regulations ― maybe even dirty sheets ― including no translation services, so learn English.”

Then Earhardt had to join the stupid parade, complaining that detained immigrants currently get clean sheets each and every day:

“Seven hours of outdoor activity, freshly washed sheets, and absolutely no need to learn English. That’s the easy life of an illegal immigrant inside American jails. But now, the Trump administration says the party is over.”

Yeah, being behind bars is a freaking party! Who doesn’t know just how sweet those who are in custody have it? Don’t tell anyone, or pretty soon millions of Americans will be trying desperately to commit crimes just so they can get all the awesome benefits offered by the American penal system.

I’d love to see Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt put behind bars for a few weeks and find out how they like it. Something tells me they’d be begging for mommy five minutes after they arrived. But at least they’d have clean sheets to cry on.

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By Andrew Bradford

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