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Founder Of Alt-Right Declares: Trump Is First Step To Turn USA Into ‘Safe Space’ For Whites

Perhaps you’ve heard of Richard Spencer. He’s head of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist, and widely considered to be the founder of the alt-right movement in the United States. And he recently gave an interview to Al Letson of Reveal in which he declared the election of Donald Trump is the first step in making the United States a “safe space” for white people, much like Israel is for those of the Jewish faith:

“I don’t think Donald Trump is me, I don’t think Donald Trump is alt-right. I don’t think Donald Trump is an identitarian as I would use that term. I think Donald Trump is a kind of first step towards this. He’s the first time that we’ve seen a genuinely if, you could say incomplete, politician who’s fighting for European identity politics in North America. This is the first time we’ve seen it.”

Spencer, it should be noted, is one of these ignorant Neanderthal asshats who claims people of different racial backgrounds should never live together. He says they cannot hope to live in harmony, so he wants to create a white “ethnostate” in America:

“What the ethnostate is, is an ideal. It’s a thing, it’s a way of thinking about we want a new type of society that would actually be a homeland for all white people, all European people. So that would include Slavs, that would include Germans, that would include Latins, it who would include people of all ethnicities that we would always have a safe space. We would always have a homeland for us. Very similar to, very similar to how Jews conceive of Israel.”

Does Spencer realize how incredibly similar he sounds to members of the KKK who have advocated that the United States be only for whites? He attempted to dodge that query, telling Letson:

“Look, I’m not going to comment about you know some hypothetical Klansman or or whomever. I’m sure there is some commonality between these movements of the past and what I’m talking about. But you really have to judge me on my own terms. Like I am not those people and I don’t fully know, I don’t know in the specifics of what you’re referring to. Like, I am who I am. And you, if you’re going to treat me with good faith, you have to listen to what I’m saying and listen to my ideas. I think someone who would go down the path of becoming a Klansman or something in 2016, I think that is, those people are very different than I am. It’s, it’s a — it’s a non-starter. I think we need an idea. We need a movement that really resonates with where we are right now.”

Maybe Spencer is right when he says that he and his intolerant brethren who want to live among only whites should find their own “safe space.” There’s lots of white snow and ice on Antarctica. Perhaps Spencer and his ilk would like to homestead there and fly their racist flag high. We sure as hell wouldn’t miss them if they went there and never returned.

Here’s more of the interview with Richard Spencer:

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