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Former Trump Insider Explains The Illegal Way Donald Keeps His Employees Loyal

A former Trump Organization insider is detailing exactly how Donald Trump attempted to keep his employees loyal to him by using an illegal scheme that could wind up getting him charged with yet another crime.

Jennifer Weisselberg is the ex-wife of Barry Weisselberg, whose father, Allen Weisselberg, who just so happens to be the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, a man who is said to know “where all the bodies are buried” inside the former president’s company. And she explains exactly what the Donald did:

“Among the avenues of inquiry is a Central Park apartment where Jennifer said she and her former husband lived, rent-free, for several years. She said Trump offered the apartment as a wedding gift around the time the pair got married in 2004.

“’I wrote them a thank you note,’ said Jennifer Weisselberg, who lost custody of the couple’s two children but is still fighting her ex-husband in court.

“As Bloomberg News first reported, the property was in fact a corporate apartment owned by the Trump Organization, an arrangement that could have legal implications if it was not properly accounted for.

Jennifer Weisselberg said they only paid for utilities — about $400 a month. The apartment was sold in 2014 for $2.85 million, according to New York City housing records. The signature on the deed is: Donald J. Trump.”

Trump did such questionable things in an effort to make sure his employees remained loyal to only him:

“They control people by compensating you with homes and things. It’s not easy to walk away when they provide your home.”

Ms. Weisselberg is cooperating with the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., who is reportedly investigating Trump and his company for crimes ranging from bank and tax fraud to money laundering, and she explained why she decided to do so:

“I have no reason to be here except that I am not a woman who is willing to live a life of secrecy, out of fear, any longer.

“They will out resource me in the courts forever, and I have tried to be graceful, and I have tried to handle this privately. And they are not agreeing to do so at all. What choice do I have?”


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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