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Former Speaker Of The House John Boehner Burns Down Ted Cruz: ‘Go F**k Yourself’

If you follow politics at all, you probably recall former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who became known as the man who would burst into tears at the drop of a hat. For example:

That being said, Boehner wasn’t a bad guy overall, and was human enough to admit that he liked an occasional drink and cigar after a long day at the office.

And now the Ohio Republican is back in the headlines, but not in the way you might expect, according to Axios:

“John Boehner has been going off script while recording the audio version of his new memoir, using expletives and asides not in the book — such as the former Republican House speaker saying, ‘Oh, and Ted Cruz, go f*ck yourself,’”

While we’re on the topic of Teddy Boy, he was in rare form at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference on Friday, attempting to channel some humor but repeatedly falling flat:

“Orlando is AWESOME. It’s not Cancun, but it’s nice.”

The sound you hear in the background is the chirping of crickets.

Ted Cruz is a complete asshole. He’s the most hated person in the entire Senate, and his chances of ever being elected to any other office are slim to none.

In other words, Ted does indeed need to go f**k himself. And while he’s at it, he also needs to shave that pathetic excuse of a beard.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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