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Former GOP Congressman Destroys Donald Trump Jr. For His Whining: ‘You’re Such A Punk!’

Donald Trump Jr., much like his father, loves to use Twitter to air his grievances, troll those he disagrees with, spread bogus conspiracy theories, and whine that conservatives are being discriminated against.

As you’d expect, Junior couldn’t help weighing in on the fact that Twitter dared to fact-check his daddy for spreading lies about voting by mail. Perhaps sensing that he needed to try and curry favor with the old man, Don Jr. posted this:

Since when is fact checking a bad thing? Doesn’t the president constantly complain about what he calls “fake news” being disseminated anytime a news organization runs a story about the administration or some possibly illegal act being committed by members of the Trump family? If the goal is to eliminate misinformation, then that standard should be applied to everyone universally, including a man who has told 16,000 lies since taking office four years ago.

Former GOP congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois read Junior’s tweet and countered him with the perfect response:

Game, set, and match Joe Walsh.

Yes, the entire Trump family is composed of punks. Whiny little children masquerading as adults. When they don’t get what they want, they pitch a fit rather than engage in reasoned debate on a topic. Or they dredge up some pathetic distraction (Look! A squirrel!!) to pull attention away from their own actions which have led to them being humiliated.

What Twitter did should have been done a long time ago. Quite frankly, they should have already shut down the president’s account for violating their terms of service, which he agreed to when he signed up.

Now President Trump is threatening to issue an executive order that will somehow punish social media platforms who dare to call him out for his bullshit. The order will be blatantly unconstitutional and likely won’t be upheld by any federal court. But the president will issue it just the same, and then pretend he somehow “won” the battle.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. will continue to be a pathetic little punk trying to gain the love of a man incapable of loving anyone but himself.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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