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Former CIA Director: Trump’s Tweets Are A ‘Goldmine’ For Foreign Intelligence Agencies

President Trump likes to say the reason he uses Twitter so much is because it’s the only way he can communicate directly with the American people and not have to rely on the news media to get his message out.

But according to former CIA Director Michael Hayden, the president’s tweets are also a treasure trove for foreign intelligence services because they give an unfiltered view of his psyche and are invaluable as they construct psychological profiles of world leaders.

In an article he wrote for The HillHayden warns:

“The president’s Twitter tsunami must be a goldmine for foreign services (including friendly ones) in developing his profile. Press-able buttons, loyalties, exposed nerves, responses to pressure, even sleep habits are on pretty full display.”

Hayden says Trump’s tweets regarding former FBI Director James Comey are particularly revealing, allowing foreign adversaries to determine how the president thinks and will act in a given situation:

“This last series of tweets on Comey and taping offered something more, certainly enough to tempt some services to conclude that the President bluffs and bends the truth to meet the needs of the moment. You can almost anticipate the language in the report: ‘Mr. Prime Minister, you need to know that President Trump appears to be what the Americans call a bullshitter.’”

And the fact that Trump is so easily read could also have disastrous consequences if another country misjudges Trump’s actual meaning, Hayden believes:

“If a foreign leader has reason to believe that the president doesn’t mean what he says, that leader may choose to ignore it and — if he is right — he wins the hand, so to speak. If he is wrong, though, he could trigger American responses that both he and we would have preferred to avoid. Neither are good outcomes.”

How many reasons do Republicans need before they impeach this incredibly unstable and dangerous man? Are they waiting for a nuclear war?

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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