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Former Asst. Attorney General Says THESE Charges Will Be Brought Against Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election proceeds and appears to be drawing ever closer to the president himself.

Not long ago, former Assistant Attorney General Jimmy Gurulé, who served in the George W. Bush administration, was a guest on The 11th Hour With Brian Williams. Gurulé was asked what specific charges he thought Mueller would bring against Trump and his associates. The list is lengthy and could result in decades behind bars for anyone convicted.

Specifically, Gurulé speculated that Mueller would be looking to bring the following felony charges in the Russia case:

  • Obstruction of justice
  • Violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • Violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act dealing with fundraising
  • Violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act
  • Violations of IRS and tax law
  • Money laundering

Clearly, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn were in direct violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, taking money from foreign governments they failed to disclose to the American government. And Trump has long been suspected of cheating on his taxes and laundering money from criminal enterprises through his companies.

Keep in mind that Mueller cannot try Trump for any crimes he can prove the president committed. But he can make referrals to Congress, which then has the power to impeach the head of state. Mueller can also ask a grand jury to name Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator. This is the same thing that happened to Richard Nixon as a result of Watergate.

Gurulé was also asked by host Brian Williams whether or not Congress can prevent Trump from firing the special counsel. The former Justice Department official said they can, but added that should Trump attempt to remove Mueller, that itself would constitute obstruction of justice and lead to the president being impeached.

Any of the charges Gurulé named would lead to years in prison if members of the Trump team were convicted. That alone provides ample leverage for Mueller to convince Trump’s associates to cooperate with the investigation and testify against their boss.

Bottom line: The danger for Donald Trump is growing daily. And Mueller isn’t about to back down.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

17 replies on “Former Asst. Attorney General Says THESE Charges Will Be Brought Against Trump”

Go get him Mueller. You are our last hope. I think you should also ask the SCOTUS to set aside the electoral college vote and declare Hillary the winner.

Hillary is president ! Of our country
The people hired muller and Democrates made sure
The people want Hilllary now

Mueller is our last and only hope of dismantling trumps agenda of destroying our Democracy and literally charging, trying, convicting and impeaching as well as jailing trump, his son in law, and all his cabinet. This is our hope and prayer. Let it be so…

This so called President is ruining our country inside and out. We are a joke to our foreign allies. He has ignored our constitution Separation of church and state. While destroying our land and water. Solar panel tarrifs I could go on.

I agree with you 100%. You didn’t leave nothing out and ALL the different parties should be re-classified as a whole and be Called:

AMERICA is screwed, a child as a leader. A pathetic boy that needs notes on how to be empathetic, what a disgrace! We’re paying $300k a month to protect “its” porn star wife but “it” can’t protect our children! The porn star doesn’t want to be around “it” and we don’t want “it” in the White House! The only things bigly about that scumbag is “its” coward ness, “its” stupidity, “it” is ignorant, racist, a womanizer, a traitor, a fool, a narcissistic sociopath, an idiotic moron, a liar, a rapist, a child molester, a draft dodger, tax evader, ugly inside and out, heartless, clueless, deplorable, delusional, disgusting, demented and that is what republicans support!!! “it” is killing Americans, our kids! Enough is enough! What the hell will it take to get that piece of crap out of office? Have some dignity people! GET OUT AND REGISTER TO VOTE!!!!!!AND THEN MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!!!!
We need a new party. No Democrats, no Republicans, no Tea Party, no Independents.
Call it “The American Party” the people’s party! AMERICA before Party! What’s best for everyone not just the RICH! We need a party with ethics, morals, and integrity! A party that communicates, bipartisan. A party for unity not diversion. A party of equality not a fascist society or a dictator. A party with heart and a conscious. We need a leader with an education and morals. A person that keeps their campaign promises and are held accountable for those promises. A person to uphold our Constitution, a law abiding citizen. A person that values their vows. A person that sees a human being not color or ethnicity. A person that believes in what is right and fair for all. Equality for all. The leader must be completely vetted and cleared for security clearance before being able to run for office. 100% transparency. A person with integrity.
To chump supporters. Yes 93 golfing days in one year at taxpayers expense must be tough. “it” has wasted upwards of $96 MILLION DOLLARS golfing. What a great fucking job of wasting-time and money. “it” has lied over 2100 times in one year and you fucking morons believe “it” and support a lying narcissistic sociopath idiotic moron that cheated on all three of “ its” wives. Where the hell are the taxes, still under audit? Really? 19 women have accused “it” of sexual assault , “it” said “ you can grab them by the pussy” “it” made fun of a disabled person! “it” is a traitor, defends Putin and Russia at all cost! As a business person “it” is a failure! We’re are wasting $300k a month to protect “its porn star wife” to stay away from him because she can’t stand him after finding out he cheater on her not just once but twice after they married. You people really need to wake up. The new tax code is for the rich, he doesn’t give a shit about you or anyone other than himself and his family. The draft dodging pathetic scumbag wants to waste millions on a parade to honor himself. He wants you and me to pay for the stupid wall that he said Mexico would pay for, well that ain’t happening! He’s immature, disgusting, deplorable, demented, a womanizer, traitor, racist, rapist abuser, con. He has hurt and destroyed many people and their businesses for his greedy self. He doesn’t even know the words to our National Anthem! He clueless, classless, soulless. Plain and simple he is one dumb pathetic asshole! THE AMERICAN PARTY
Feel free to share,thanks. Where are the Russian sanctions!!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We are part of the American Party and we agree to everything you said. Well put!! It’s time to take back our country, before trump ruins everything we stand for!!!!

Stratford…couldn’t have said anything better or agreed with you more. Thank you for your great article! This country has and is being played for fools. Under this administration and their disgusting and disrespectful leader are laughing all their way to the bank with all the money they are stealing from this country. They have destroyed this beautiful country in a little less than 2 years with their coward behavior and greed. I fear that we have seen the last of a true election. Let’s hope that the intelligent and honest people can overcome what’s happening here and take back our country!

With the belief I have in our constitution along with my belief in our checks and balances combined with Congress I thought Congress would step in and not let trump even take the oath of office. How could they with all the self admitted common knowledge of trumps ties to Russia and the fact that trump would not divest should have been the stopping point for trump which is why I believe members of Congress have participated in this Russian led hostile takeover of our beloved government. I have renamed the Republican party to The New Russian Nazi regime. The members include turtle man Mitch McConnell Devin Nunes and possibly Paul Ryan if what I am saying comes to be true every single individual that has participated in this history making world changing eye opening need to stay with the paper ballet as the only fool proof way of protecting our way of life they must spend their last days on death row in Terre Haute Indiana.

So true, congress needs to do their jobs and protect the American people’s and the rule of law hold everyone who is breaking the law responsible for their actions.

Thre is no way to nullify the election from Nov. 2016. The only way is to impeach the whole cabinet including Gorsuch, besides Trump and Pense. Then the speaker of the house will become the interim president.
I think that would be the cleanest process possible and in correlation with the Constitution.

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