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Former ‘700 Club’ Producer Reveals Something That Could Ruin Pat Robertson

Pat Roberston is one of the most well-know televangelists in the country. His daily show, the 700 Club, has been on the air since 1966. Robertson himself is worth at least $100 million. He even ran for the GOP nomination in 1988 and was soundly defeated.

So what motivates Pat Robertson? Is it a genuine desire to see people accept the message of the Bible? According to a former 700 Club producer, Robertson only cares about one thing: Money.

Speaking to Vox, former 700 Club producer Terry Heaton recalled the meteoric rise of Robertson in the 1980s, and he also says that a disagreement he had with the televangelist showed him that Robertson worshiped the almighty dollar above everything else:

“We had this idea to do a series featuring a guy who always got things wrong so that Pat could then come on afterward and tell people what to do right. So we developed a new segment: The conceit was a character who always did things ‘wrong’ so Pat could come out and teach him. 

“The pilot was a guy who was constantly losing money because he was trying to give his way out of debt. So he’d look at the Bible where it says ‘you receive a hundredfold for what you give,’ and if he was a $1,000 in debt he’d give away $100 expecting to be able to pay off the debt. And at the end, he turns to the camera and says, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ And we all thought it was brilliant.”

When Heaton pitched the idea to Robertson, he was told:

“You put that on the air and you will cost this ministry millions.”

Additionally, Heaton said the focus of the show became less on the Bible and more on sex because Robertson wanted to use fear and anger to generate donations and help get Republicans elected:

“It turns out that abortion, gays and lesbians, and birth control — they’re all about sex. Sex, more than everything else, scares people who want their children to be safe and to live in a sanctified world. I don’t want to overstate that, but it’s the truth. What we gave them was Republican Party politics. We had an explanation for all their fears — the lack of personal responsibility, big government, people trying to take from you what really belongs to you, self-responsibility, self-responsibility, self-responsibility.”

As we’ve long suspected, televangelists are only concerned with feathering their own nests. They don’t represent anything but greed. What’s sad is that so many people who put their trust in these con men cannot see they’re being fleeced.

Here’s Robertson in 2014 telling an unemployed viewer to send him money so he could pray for him to get a job:

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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This wretched excuse for a God loving man totally disgusts me. As far as I’m concerned he can’t die soon enough. If there really is a God, he is going to be so screwed. I almost wish I could be there to laugh my ass off.

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