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Federal Judge Says Donald Trump CAN BE Indicted While Serving As President

The bad news keeps coming for Donald Trump. And this time it arrived gift-wrapped from a federal court in New York as part of a larger ruling regarding a subpoena for the president’s tax returns.

According to the Washington Post:

“A federal judge … dismissed President Trump’s lawsuit seeking to block the Manhattan district attorney from obtaining the president’s tax returns as part of an investigation into hush-money payments during the 2016 campaign.

“That decision does not mean Trump’s tax returns will be handed over immediately. Trump appealed within minutes, and an appeals court put the case on hold until it can hear the president’s challenge.”

But it was what U.S. Judge Victor Marrero had to say in his ruling regarding Trump’s argument that he cannot be investigated by any prosecutor in any jurisdiction while he’s in office that must have sent a chill across the West Wing of the White House.

Judge Marrero wrote that such a notion was “repugnant” to the ideal put forth in the Constitution that no man — no matter his office or rank — is above the law:

“The Court cannot square a vision of presidential immunity that would place the President above the law with the text of the Constitution, the historical record, the relevant case law” or other authority.

“This Court cannot endorse such a categorical and limitless assertion of presidential immunity from judicial process.”

Translation, the judge just let Trump and his legal team know that they’re not going to win in court on the argument that a president is immune from investigation, indictment, or prosecution. While the Justice Department under Trump’s handpicked toady, Attorney General William Barr, will never indict Trump (in part thanks to a memo from the DOJ’s office of legal counsel saying such a move would be too distracting for a sitting head of state), any state can file charges against Trump.

And since that subpoena for Trump’s tax records came in response to a legal order in Manhattan, we know that there is already an ongoing investigation and an empaneled grand jury that’s taking a close look at possible Trump crimes in New York state, which is also where the Trump Organization is headquartered.

Indictments are likely coming in New York, and when they’re handed down, Judge Marrero let it be known that Donald Trump will not be able to claim absolute immunity.

The imaginary wall of protection Donald Trump thinks he has around him is crumbling.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

26 replies on “Federal Judge Says Donald Trump CAN BE Indicted While Serving As President”

I realize their are racist people that love trump, but being a person of corruption I wouldn’t have the heart to support him. He has been a crook from the day he started with his father money. The whole trump family from grandfather, father now trump you can’t trust or have faith in this family. If you can steal money from children with cancer, the military and cage innocent children how can you be a person of trust. No he is not a person of trust he is nothing more than a con man, a devil demon spirit that traveling around the world spreading lies, lies and lies. He not about the USA he a man for Russia and he never to be trust a no point.

“. . . but being a person of corruption I wouldn’t have the heart to support him.”
should read, “. . . but with him being a person of corruption I wouldn’t have the heart to support him. “

Erna Anderson I completely agree with you. I never supported his ass from day 1. He cheated his way into the white house, sold us out to Russia and if they dont reign him in it is the end of life as we know it.

Just remember he’s always has been a NY con man. So now hopefully it’ll all come out how deep he’s into it.

He is a demon.He don’t care about nobody else but his self.He is a show off.Like he is on a game show.And these people have the nerve to support him.He is taking America down.Im a Christian, and I love everyone,and I have to pray for him.He is a idiot

I just wish Trump participates in a Real Town Hall with the Average people and not Turmpsters.I wish one of them would give him a piece of their minds…
Like”How can you stand up there and lie on a daily like you do?”
“Everything Hillary Clinton said about is TRUE!”
“Give us your Tax papers”

I want some of those Rose colored glasses that you are wearing. The president has been an absolute waste of time and a stress factory for the American people. Who created this mess with Chinese trade to begin with? HE DID. You’re giving him caveats for solving problems that didn’t even exist until HE made them. Now he’s breaking yet another campaign promise and trying to slice and dice the social safety nets…medicare, medicaid, Social Security. Will you finally be happy when he slashes military retirement pay to pay for tax cuts to his corporate cronies? Sheesh.

That’s the same as saying Hitler was great at building highways. Whats-a-matter? You don’t like highways? Aw c’mon, over look the criminal behavior and focus on the continuation of the Obama recovery trend.

I’d love to take a drive around my area, and make a video for you that includes all of the businesses that have shuttered since he took office. But the shitty roads take a toll on my vehicle, and I might drive into one of the not yet barricaded sink holes in one of the city streets. And for some of us…Social Security is all that we counted on, because we didn’t have enough to have a 401k. Our city owned bridges in town have now been sold off to huge corporations, that will now charge us a toll to take care of the repairs, because our city’s tax base has been dying off steadily. Half of the homes in this city either lie vacant, or are up for auction due to foreclosure. Yeah…we’re great again. And we were the swing state that put him into office

My 401K Hasn’t increased any more than it had during Obama years. I pay around a thousand dollars more a year in taxes since his big tax cut. It is all lies, smoke and mirrors. The man has been a fraud all of his adult life. Please let’s get rid of him before we are owned by another autocrisy. Before we have no friends in the industrialized world. Working people should have a better standard of living than this.

I think its atrocious how the President is being treated. He has made a difference in the economy of our country. The 401k’s that are so important for retirement for so many Americans has increased. He has made a difference and brought back Companies and jobs. Farmers are able to continue to function thanks to his agreement with China. The new agreement that replaced Nafta is a great improvement.

Oh Barbara… are kidding, right? I have this horrible feeling you listen to FOX News or one of the right wing programs. They themselves have said that they are not a news source, they are an entertainment source! Please, please get online and read about what’s really going on…..Please!! This man has made over 16 thousand lies over the last 3 years. He has done little to nothing that will help we the people. Please get out of your comfort zone and get into the truth!!

barb, please learn to read & do, cuz your so far out of line it’s ridiculous & i so pity you. when you wake up & realize the fool you are a year down the road, i hope you can live with yourself if you choose to stay this ignorant.

‍♀️‍♀️ Farmers their getting bailouts( farmers checks from U and US) . Everyone don’t have 401K ( cause U benefiting F everybody else Retirement He is getting ready cut Social Security ( something U paid into your whole life ‍♀️ What companies Name 1 Trump had come back .

Ask the families of the farmer’s s who have committed suicide since that Orange Hitler took office how they feel about his policies. You need to get educated and stop watching Fake news.

Oh Barbara…. I am so sorry that you do not see the man for what he is. You have been conned like so many others. Donald Trump is a con man and always has been. Donnie does not do anything unless it benefits Donnie. You will see this eventually, but I can only hope there are enough people that see the real Trump now.

You are a TOOL!
You have NO morals and would follow the so-called president off a cliff or into the Putin Party for a dollar!
There are somethings BIGGER than ourselves and more durable.
I find your attitude repulsive and nauseating!

Republicans screamed bloody murder about the deficit when Obama spent $12 Billion to repair the Bush/Cheney Economic Collapse.

But now they’re perfectly fine spending $28 BILLION to BAILOUT the farmers they damaged with the bogus ‘trade wars’. There was NO economic collapse that warranted this move, but a clown-like decision by Trump caused the entire disaster. Now we’re left with the massive bill.

I make products in the USA, Taiwan and China. Trump has ruined international trade and no one trusts the US anymore. His criminal actions warrant arrest the day he leaves the White House. He has DEGRADED America globally.

most of these are so blind, they won’t even realize what fools they are when it directly takes money from their own pockets & food from their own tables. when they hear thru his ears & see thru his eyes, rather than their own, it’s a lost cause.

That’s the same as saying Hitler was great at building highways. Whats-a-matter? You don’t like highways? Aw c’mon, over look the criminal behavior and focus on the continuation of the Obama recovery trend.

I pray. I pray to God that there are enough people out there to see that this fool needs to leave office and vote him out. I never voted for him, didn’t like him when he was on that show I never watched. Let him take all his yes men with him.

Hi I hate Trump. Glad they can get a state indightment. I was on a federal grand jury a long time ago. I took my oath to not be bias and uphold the law. I hope it works. Federal indightment is not something to play with. I hope they get honest people and put him in Prison where he belongs.

NEW news:: barr has taken over so many of these cases & moved to the ?IDNY, the brooklyn office, so he can keep track & meddle. this is just in the past few weeks, taking out of the hands of the good guys, & putting in the hands of the trump “a*s kissers”, that barr controls. google it. whatever you call the brooklyn people, me, not sure. yet, i don’t think SDNY will give it all up like barr thinks.

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