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Fed Up Veteran Starts GoFundMe Campaign To Send Trump To A Combat Zone (VIDEO)

Lieutenant Cameron H. Kerr is a veteran who served his country honorably in Afghanistan and lost a leg while serving. As a result, he earned–among other honors–a Purple Heart. So he, like many wounded veterans, was a bit peeved when Donald Trump accepted the gift of a Purple Heart from a veteran earlier this week in Virginia:

Trump said he’d always wanted to be awarded the Purple Heart, so Lieutenant Kerr thought he’d help the Orange Menace realize his longtime dream. How? By raising the money needed to ship Trump to a combat zone where he can better understand what it’s like to truly sacrifice.

Kerr has set up a GoFundMe page online, and he notes on that page:

“As with seemingly everything else in his life, Mr. Trump got one handed to him instead of earning it. That being said, as a Purple Heart recipient who earned one the old-fashioned way by returning from Afghanistan one leg lighter, I fully endorse his desire to earn one and would happily oblige his interest in doing so, by being one of the first to chip in to fly him to the conflict zone of his choosing. After all, you’re never too old to follow your dreams.”

Of course, there’s no way Trump would ever agree to Kerr’s offer, mainly because he’s a spineless sack of human excrement who likes to talk tough but would probably crap his pants, cry for Mommy, and run if confronted with a real enemy who was shooting at him. So Kerr will donate the money he raises–his goal is $50,000–to organizations which aid Syrian refugees. You know, the kind of people fleeing from war zones that Donald Trump just loves to complain about whenever there’s a camera and microphone around. So far he’s managed to raise $26,00 and even created his own Twitter hashtag to help spread the message. The unforgettable hashtag is #PurpleTrumpsOrange.

So the next time you hear Trump spouting off about how he wishes he could have served in the military–he got five deferments for educational reasons and bone spurs he swears he had in his heels–just remember that someone tried to help him down the Purple Heart path. Trump, being the weasel he always has been and will always be, would much rather get his medals from those who actually had the balls to join the military.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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