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FBI Hit The Evidence Goldmine When They Raided Giuliani’s Office: Report

When the FBI served search warrants on the office and home of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani in April, reports suggested that federal agents had seized “electronic devices” that were found in those two locations.

Now, however, we’re learning that the FBI hit the evidence goldmine, scooping up 18 different electronic devices, according to the Associated Press (AP):

“Eighteen electronic devices taken during raids last month on Rudy Giuliani’s home and his law firm in a probe of his dealings in Ukraine belong to Giuliani and employees of his firm, Manhattan prosecutors revealed Thursday.

“The previously redacted facts were disclosed when prosecutors re-filed an April 29 letter on the public record in Manhattan federal court. The raids occurred April 28.

“They disclosed that 18 electronic devices were seized in the search of locations belonging to the former New York mayor and private lawyer to ex-President Donald Trump and his firm, Giuliani Partners LLC. Prosecutors said the devices belonged to Giuliani and ‘certain employees’ of Giuliani Partners.”

It remains unclear exactly what “certain employees” also had their devices seized by the FBI, but it does tell us that others are suspected of being involved in a larger conspiracy. Those employees will likely be questioned by federal prosecutors and could cut deals to tell what they know about Giuliani and his possibly illegal dealings over the past few years.

Adam Klasfeld of Law & Crime shared some of the unredacted documents on Twitter:

These latest revelations in the case against Giuliani come just 24 hours after New York Attorney General Letitia James announced her office is cooperating with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. in a criminal investigation of the Trump Organization, which is privately held and controlled by former President Donald Trump and his three eldest children, Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

Federal prosecutors are investigating Giuliani for allegedly failing to disclose he was accepting money from foreign governments and operating on their behalf in the United States, which is a felony.

In time, we may know exactly what was on those 18 seized devices, and it’s becoming clearer by the day that Rudy is in very big legal jeopardy.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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