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Expert Warns The Secret Service Is ‘Dangerously Contaminated’ And Poses A Threat To Biden

Jeffrey Robinson wrote a book on what it’s like to be a Secret Service agent, and he’s now warning that former president Donald Trump made sure to choose agents who were loyal to him, which has “contaminated” the agency and makes it a clear and present danger to current president Joe Biden.

Robinson, who authored Standing Next to History: An Agent’s Life Inside the Secret Service, warns in an article he penned for The Daily Beast:

“Wherever the Secret Service goes with the president, there’s constant radio traffic between those agents and the White House and the Secret Service Command Post, in real time. That’s all recorded. So, why would someone use texts or emails to avoid using radio traffic?

“The answer will likely be, because whoever sent them, or whoever received them, feared they were too incriminating to be seen by anyone else.”

As he interviewed the agents who would provide his personal protection, Trump made it clear he valued loyalty to him and only him as the single-most important criteria:

“According to sources inside the Secret Service, Trump was taking long looks at the agents around him to decide which ones were loyal to him. And because this is antithetical to the way the Secret Service must operate, he created the very dangerous situation where certain PPD agents were loyal to him, personally—just like bodyguards—while others did their job properly and remained loyal to the office of the presidency, just as Congress intended. Such fealty is not only against the spirit of the mission, it is emblematic of Trump’s contamination of the Secret Service and downright frightening.”

So where does this leave security for President Biden? Robinson concludes his article by noting:

“Now consider this. When presidents change, the PPD remains basically the same. Without any doubt, many agents on President Biden’s detail are determined to protect the president, regardless of who he is. But there are still those ‘bodyguards’ loyal to Trump—like [former Trump aide Tony] Ornato and his cronies—surrounding and protecting a man whom they believe stole the election and doesn’t otherwise deserve to be there.

“No matter what the emails and texts eventually reveal, the dangers of that should be obvious.”

Is President Biden safe? Or is the detail that is supposed to be sworn to protect him compromised?

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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