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Ex-NSA Analyst: Trump Exploited ‘Trapped’ Widow Of Slain SEAL (TWEETS)

The most memorable–and most debated–moment from Tuesday evening’s joint address to Congress by Donald Trump is when he honored the fallen Navy SEAL who died during a raid in Yemen. Trump asked the widow of Ryan Owens, Carryn Owens to stand and be recognized, but it soon became clear she didn’t necessarily want to stand up.

Former National Security analyst John Schindler says Trump used Carryn Owens as a political prop, and during the speech Schindler lashed out at the so-called president on Twitter:

There are some who will tell you Trump was just trying to honor a brave American who died in service to his country, but those people have been conned by one of the most revolting con men to ever walk the face of the earth. Earlier today, I spoke with my brother, who served this country honorably in the United States Navy, and I asked him what he thought of that moment when Trump asked Carryn Owens to stand. His response says it all:

“Trump took a victory lap on the coffin of a man whose death was caused by him. He’s a piece of shit who doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone but himself. To hell with him.”

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