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Ex-NSA Analyst Confirms: Multiple Intel Agencies Have Sex Videos Of Trump

The most salacious detail contained in the dossier compiled by British intelligence agent Christopher Steele is that Russia has a video of President Trump engaged in a sexual practice known as “golden showers” with prostitutes during a visit to Moscow. Since the video has never been released, many have wondered if there’s any truth to that allegation.

According to former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst John Schindler, it’s not just the Russians who now claim to have sex videos of Trump.

Writing in the ObserverSchindler reveals:

“As many as a dozen intelligence services worldwide, on four continents, are in possession of some sort of ‘Trump tape’ featuring sexual escapades of a controversial nature. Some of these tapes have been shared with the Mueller investigation.”

As explosive as Schindler’s claim is, he is also careful to note that not all of the sex tapes can be confirmed as genuine. Some are clearly forgeries that are designed to discredit any news organization that dares to present them as the real deal. Schindler speculates that most of the fakes have been created by Russian intelligence as a way of protecting Trump should a real video manage to come to the forefront.

However, Schindler says a Western intelligence agency he spoke with is convinced that at least one of the videos is 100 percent authentic:

“One Western intelligence agency with a solid professional reputation is in possession of an unpleasant Trump tape that they assess ‘with high confidence’ is bona fide, i.e. exactly what it appears to be. They obtained the tape from a trusted source who plausibly had access to it. Over the decades, Trump has traveled widely—including to Russia more than once—and thereby exposed himself to surreptitious filming in numerous countries.”

If indeed such a video does exist and is now in the possession of Robert Mueller, it could provide proof of a motive for Trump to conspire with Russia as a way of assuring they never shared the video with anyone else. And it might also be enough to finally expose Trump as the monster he truly is.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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