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Ex-FBI Agent Reveals: THIS Is The Next Shoe To Drop After Flynn’s Plea Deal (VIDEO)

Now that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has accepted a plea deal and agreed to testify before a grand jury regarding the Russia matter, a former FBI agent is predicting what happens next.

Clint Watts, during an appearance on MSNBC, began by commenting that President Trump must be going crazy as he wonders what exactly Flynn will tell Mueller and his team of investigators:

“Flynn has cut off communications, we’re hearing in some press reports, with the Trump team, (and) I’m sure he’ll stay silent with the Trump team after that. This will drive the president and his inner White House crazy. He can’t figure out what’s being said behind those closed doors and in those conversations.”

As for what happens next, Watts suggested signs to look for in the days and weeks ahead:

“Whatever cooperation that the Flynn team is putting together with the Mueller team will eventually come out, and so the first interviews that we see, the first subpoenas we see after this, will tell you what that cooperation was probably about and what direction they’re going after this.”

How did Mueller get the evidence to make Flynn cooperate? Watts speculated Mueller probably had a recording of Flynn:

“That’s what doesn’t make sense about this entire case. Let’s think about this. Here’s the former head of the (Defense Intelligence Agency). He calls the ambassador of a foreign country and then lies to the FBI. How does this even come to be questioned? There had to be some sort of an intercept, there had to have been a way the FBI knew he wasn’t telling the truth. This is going to be very damning.”

And if there are tapes of Flynn, there may also be tapes of Trump and others in his family engaged in conversations with Russian officials. That is would indeed be very damning evidence. Stay tuned!

Here’s Watts on MSNBC:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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I’d sure like to see Pence and Ryan nailed at the same time, or we’re really sunk. I’d like to see McConnell nailed on other revealed charges.

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