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Even This Trump Apologist Thinks The POTUS Is In Big Trouble (VIDEO)

To hear Donald Trump and his attorneys tell it, the president isn’t under investigation by the FBI or Special Counsel Robert Mueller. That’s odd since Trump himself recently said he’s being investigated:

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano agrees that Trump is indeed being investigated, and he said so when he appeared with Fox host Shepard Smith on Wednesday.

Smith began by asking if the silence from the special counsel’s office is an ominous sign. Napolitano agreed it was:

“To me it is, yes, it means something is coming.”

And then the former judge made a comparison to the special counsel probe of Bill Clinton:

“With Clinton, it started out with the land deal and ended up with a blue dress.

“Now they’re on to why was Michael Flynn fired. Was it for a corrupt purpose or was it for a noble purpose?”

Napolitano added that he thinks Flynn is the key to the entire case:

“A lot of us believe when the FBI interrogated General Flynn, they had in front of him a transcript of his conversation with the ambassador and he didn’t know it and he did not recount the same conversation that they knew took place. Is that a lie? A crime? Should he be indicted for it? If he’s indicted, will he become a cooperating witness?”

Investigators, Napolitano speculated:

“May decide somebody is going to get indicted and once we indict that person, we’re going to ask them to testify against someone north of them on the totem pole. That’s the way federal investigations are conducted all of the country today.”

As for the president himself, Napolitano clarified the contradictory statements coming from the White House as to whether or not Trump is a target in the Russia investigation:

“I suggest to you it’s a technical definition of words, so I’m going to cut to the chase. The President is the subject of a criminal investigation, he is not the target of a criminal investigation.

“Target means they plan to seek your indictment. They can’t indict the President for what he did while he’s President. They can only send it to the House Judiciary Committee for impeachment.”

No matter how you parse the words, Donald Trump is indeed one of the main subjects being looked at by both the FBI and special counsel. And if he’s done half of what we think he has, he will indeed be impeached.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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