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Eric Trump Gets Hit Pelted With Mockery For Bragging About His Father’s COVID-19 Response

Poor Eric Trump! He desperately wants to be his father’s favorite child, but that position will always be held by his sister, Ivanka, who seems to be “close” to her father in ways that make most people’s skin crawl.

Eric isn’t even as relevant as his brother, Don Jr., who at least gets to flash the “Donald” name everywhere he goes.

As a result, Eric has to try harder than he should, and his efforts usually result in him humiliating himself and his family in new and embarrassing ways.

Such is the case today, when Eric decided to comment on a headline from a story that appeared on the website Mediaite:

Seems the president’s son took great offense to the headline and the photo used by Mediaite, so he posted this in response:

Donald Trump has done an incredible job during the COVID-19 crisis? He’s been a day late and several dollars (not to mention several thousand gloves, masks, and ventilators) short. Now he’s even suggesting that we all go back to work so the stock market will be happy and he’ll get a second term in office. Because, as usual, it’s all about Donnie.

Twitter users were quick to set Eric straight on just what average Americans think about his father’s actions so far:

As many noted in their replies to Eric, the worst of the COVID-19 crisis in the United States is likely yet to come. The number of cases and deaths continues to rise. And healthcare workers still don’t have the personal protective equipment they need.

Donald Trump is a failure as president and as a human being. And his son, Eric, is a clueless little weasel.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “Eric Trump Gets Hit Pelted With Mockery For Bragging About His Father’s COVID-19 Response”

The pandemic itself is hard enough to accept and doing what is right to save humanity. But to have such a virus in that white house and the trump family is more than enough for us all to cope with. How can Americans think this outfit trumpsters are doing any good for the country or the Free World . Trump with his mixed messages and placing so much negative need on the poor the sick, the workers, immigrants and the elderly. Trump is simply using the position of leadership to encrust all their golden thrones that requires ALL your money. not just a bit a continued drip feed. Trumps ambition is to be the biggest and the best., the showoff he is., the fool that he is. We need to see sophistication back in the office of leadership. Not these tolls we see daily talking so much fake and ridiculous statements. We need that fresh air back in the white house. Bring back Obama Michelle and those gorgeous girls These are the role models of our future.

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