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Eric Trump: Dems Who Didn’t Applaud My Daddy At SOTU Address Hate Jesus (VIDEO)

According to Eric Trump, son of the illegitimate American head of state, all those mean Democrats who refused to applaud during his daddy’s State of the Union address don’t love Jesus.

Appearing on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, the Trump spawn currently running his father’s business said he kept his eyes on the Democrats as Donnie Dotard spoke Tuesday evening. And he said their reactions prove they’re afraid of his moronic papa:

“And I honestly think they’re scared. And if I look around [during Tuesday’s speech], they don’t have the personality to go against him. They were sitting there. They looked, quite frankly, defeated.”

Even worse, according to Eric, was the fact that some Dems didn’t applaud furiously when daddy talked about God:

“I mean, they didn’t stand for anything. When he said ‘In God We Trust’ — when my father mentioned ‘In God We Trust,’ the guiding principle of this country, no one stood.”

Actually, Eric, “In God We Trust” isn’t the guiding principle of the United States. The Constitution is. You remember the Constitution, don’t you, Eric? It’s the document your father seems eager to shred so he can declare himself emperor for life.

Later in the discussion, Eric declared:

“You know what, I think it’s actually very sad. There are things as Americans we should be united on. And if we can’t be united on God, if we can’t be united on African-American unemployment being at the lowest it’s ever been.

“Honestly, I think they’re scared. I really really think they’re scared.”

Let’s take a moment and test little Eric’s delusional theory about Democrats being scared. The most recent generic ballot poll (Democrat vs. Republican) shows an average lead of 8 points by Democrats. Republicans are leaving Congress in record numbers. Donald Trump’s approval rating is the lowest in history for a president just completing his first year in office, and the Mueller investigation is moving closer to the Oval Office by the day.

Nice try, Eric, but daddy dearest and your party are about to be washed away by a blue tsunami in November.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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