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Eric Trump: Democrats Are Impeaching My Daddy Because He’s The Most ‘Beloved’ Political Figure In U.S. History

If perhaps you were operating under the illusion that the greatest political figure in American history was Abraham Lincoln or Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eric Trump has a message for you: His failed one-term former president daddy is actually who we should be honoring.

During an appearance on “Hannity,” Eric declared that its not fair to impeach his father a second time because of how beloved his old man is:

“They tried to manufacture everything under the son against my father, against all of us. They do it every single day. They continue to do it. Even when he’s a private citizen, they’re still trying to impeach him.”

Eric then added:

“They wanna tar and feather the man. They know he did a great job for this nation. They know that there’s never been a more beloved political figure in our country’s history.”

Why should we accept Eric’s ramblings and accept that his father is a good guy? Wait until you hear his “logic” on that one:

“There are 75 million Americans who would follow him to the end of Earth. I mean, they love the man, they love what he stands for. They love that he was a fighter, that he carried that fight largely alone. Oftentimes he had to fight for the entire Republican party, right, because they weren’t doing a whole lot of — now you have a lot good fighters but you didn’t back then.”

Not only that, but Eric also wants us to believe that his daddy is a “father” to America:

“What my father did is something that no political figure has ever done in American history, and he changed his country, and he changed it for the better. And he taught people how to fight, and he gave Americans the greatest civics lesson, and it’s exactly, frankly, what this country needed.

“He’s really a father to America.”

Bullshit, bullshit, and bullshit. Donald Trump is nothing more than a petty grifter who deserves to not only be impeached, but also put in prison for the remainder of his life.

It’s so cute that Eric is still trying to curry favor with his father. Maybe the two of them can share a cell in lockup.

Here’s Eric on Fox News:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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