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Eric Trump Claims People Tried To Buy Him Dinner ‘To Apologize’ For FBI Search Of Mar-a-Lago

Eric Trump was a guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Monday evening, and he claimed that two random people offered to buy dinner for him and his wife, Lara, “to apologize” for the FBI search of his father’s Mar-a-Lago golf club last week.

The ex-president’s son began by suggesting that the search had caused his dad’s popularity to skyrocket, according to Newsweek:

“It has caused the greatest fundraising, my father’s poll numbers have absolutely gone through the roof.

“They are not even talking about any other Republican candidates because they have all kind of disappeared, they are not even in the equation.”

Then came Eric’s claim about people wanting to pay for his meal:

“Last night I had an argument between two people who were trying to buy Lara [Trump, his wife] and I dinner to apologize for what the United States Government has done to our family.

“You wouldn’t believe the energy out there, I have been through all of these firestorms over the years, I have never seen America more mad than it is right now.

“There is only so many times you can cry wolf, people are not buying this sham in the country, they see the weaponization of the FBI.”

The rant continued:

“They are calling it the police state in this country, people get this for what it is. They have removed the wool from people’s eyes and people know exactly what is going on.

“They are targeting Donald Trump, they are targeting his family, everyone around him, his lawyers, anybody who is close to Donald Trump. Anybody who is effective, they are targeting right now and people understand this for exactly what it is worth.”

Polling data shows that Eric’s claims aren’t supported by facts:

Just about half of registered voters approve of the FBI search of Trump’s Florida compound. Predictably, those numbers diverge a bit when broken down by party affiliation — with an overwhelming majority of Democrats approving, and a strong contingent of Republicans disapproving.

Twitter users also had doubts that anyone offered to buy dinner for Eric and his wife.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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