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Eric Trump Claims His Father Rose From ‘Nothing’ And Instantly Gets Fact-Checked By A Fox News Host

Clearly, Eric Trump is just as arrogant and utterly stupid as his father, and he proved that when he made an appearance on the Fox News show “Outnumbered.”

Eric was discussing his father and decided to say that his daddy had come from “nothing” to become “the epitome of the American dream.” Trump’s dense son began his defense of dear old dad by declaring:

“He’s gone from practically nothing to a man who’s just–“

One of the panelists, Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky, wasn’t about to let Eric get away with that gigantic lie, and she told him:

“Nothing? He got a million bucks. Come on, Eric.”

As Donald Trump himself has admitted, he did indeed get $1 million from his father, Fred Trump, when he graduated from college and entered the world of New York real estate.

But Eric Trump would not be deterred, adding:

“He epitomized what America’s all about: Opportunity and working hard and being able to achieve your dreams and what you want to succeed, right? It’s no different than a (Mark) Zuckerberg, right, who went out with a great idea like a Facebook and developed this idea and built it and grew it and grew it and grew it. That is achieving something, right? And I think it’s very different than a person who has been a career politician.”

Actually, it’s very different from Mark Zuckerberg, who didn’t have it handed to him on a silver platter like the asshat that spawned Eric and his siblings. Also, Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t gone bankrupt numerous times or failed to pay contractors and vendors who did work for him. And for all his faults, Zuckerberg isn’t a blatant racist and sexist jerk.

Eric Trump is almost as big of a whiner as his father. And both of them love to lie about everything. Like father, like son.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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Trump family is way out there, Beavis doesn’t think $5,000,000 left to his daddy is “nothing”? Time to give the kool-aid to these bozos!

He claimed to have gone to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. His offspring allegedly went there too. They claim to have graduated but It’s hard to believe anything that comes out of the mouths of the Trump Family.

Trump went to a business college. Than Fred Trump paid for Donald’s degree, because Donald didn’t think he needed to study or read! Just like Fred Trump paid 4 X’s to keep Donald out of the Vietman War.

LOL Your right Rose that’s why Trump likes to Tweet because that is about how many words he knows how to read and write.

But waaaaaaayyyy uglier! Man, they’re bad looking! The only reason Evilanka is good looking is plastic surgery! Marla is better looking than Ivana, but Tiffy ain’t so cute, she looks like Eric! And those high IQ’s bull! They paid for those as well. People that have high ones can READ & WRITE & they can’t! They can’t even lie well! Good grief! What have we done to our country?!?!

He does take after his father in thinking that amount of money IS nothing.

That is why The Great Whiner (like his lesser spawn in the interview) thinks nothing of ripping off contractors.

From his point of view, it is “no worse” than not tipping your server when you go out to eat…

It is genetically inherited.
Cannot help it. They were punished when they said the truth when they were little.

It was $1million. How the amount has grown thru exaggeration over the last 18 months humors me. But $100K was still a huge amount of money for the golden haired child. I believe the Trump adult children repeat this nonsense b/c they were punished if they did not say it exactly as Daddy taught it to them.

Trump inherited $200M from his dad, not a mere $5M. It’s estimated that he would have done better if he’d just put it in an index fund instead of all those failed businesses. All the odds were in his favor.

Trump was handed a million when he graduated … but then he inherited another 200 M when his dad died.

Is he delusional, or does he just think we’re all stupid. Little Donald, or whichever one of you all you are, YOUR FATHER WAS HANDED A MILLION DOLLARS FROM HIS FATHER. Do you understand how privileged that makes YOU?????? You’ve earned NOTHING; you’ve been GIFTED a pile of money that the average person will never see. That you don’t understand that tells me everything I need to know about you; your father; and that whole clown car you call a family.

And BRAGGED 2 Hillary in one of their ” debates ” that we was proud to have figured a way out of filing his taxes – yes that makes me feel so close to a person of privilege who hasn’t ever had to struggle !

I somehow didn’t hear that remark, or had forgotten it. Now I understand why he won’t hand over an income tax return…he never filed one! Someone who makes as much money as he says he does should owe a LOT OF MONEY. But I have read in DARK MONEY, a book explaining how we got into this spot…that a lot of the super rich spend a lot of time in court because they work loopholes to keep from paying taxes, while they want to take all the taxes of the 99% to make them even more rich instead of using OUR money to work for us with healthcare esp, and schools, and school lunches, Medicaid, social security and medicare. This country has allowed the super rich to get away with their extreme robbing of the US economy, as we struggle to keep our heads above water. This little snot-nosed brat is a joke and cast from the same mold as his father. He looks like trump and that alone makes him very repulsive, he completely decided to ignore the ladies remark and veer off into his own reality. His dad got rich from not paying his contractors, and not paying his taxes either. Then making fun of those who live by the rules and never achieve wealth ethically.

Lee if you listen to all of the stuff out there it is smart to pay as less tax as possible even it means Zero tax. So I am not mad a Trump he learned it from politicians. None of them pay their fair share and its legal.

And dad has filed for bankruptcy how many times son? (he was bailed out by American tax dollars each and everytime!!!)

Actually, after his last meltdown he was bailed out by Russian billionaires because no other banks would touch him. That’s what is at the heart of all this Russian business. He owes them and they own him.

Delusional is right. $1M is nothing to them, plus the $400M he inherited when his dad died! Even worse is how the clip ended, with Eric saying that policy doesn’t matter, that millennials were not interested in hearing about policies, silly things like taxes!

It was more than a million, in actuality it was 14 million in 1960s money. A million in cash and a bunch more in holdings and building ownerships. That’s about 80 million in today’s money

So true in many respects this delusional but truthful prodigy states that his father is the American Dream. The American Dream has eroded into greedy, self serving,and unethical beasts and that is how his Father got elected he is the mirror of the swamp he claims to drain.

The American Dream isn’t to become filthy rich, loose your morals, rip off your investors and partners, and try your damdest to divide people with hatred and fear mongering. The American Dream is to love and cherish and support your family and friends by working together. He says he’s a Christian, well, what would Jesus say about Trump’s success. Not much, I think. No love your brother, help the needy, etc.
Trump is a total fraud.

I got to hand it to the Fox News host; granted, she didn’t exorcise him for such an outlandish comment, but given who she works for it was quite brave to call that into question.

I am not sure Eric’s elevator goes all the way to the top floor, if you catch my drift. I think he should be invited on all the political talk shows. He isn’t a good liar, and we might find out a lot we would like to know. Keep talking, Eric.

Neither Wharton or Penn State have received a dime from any Trumps. Donald’s brother Fred Jr. was friends with the admissions officer and got him in, his grades didn’t qualify him. The school was thinking they would get big donations if they let him in and he graduated, they didn’t get a penny, Trump’s don’t give anybody anything period, unless it is someone else’s money.

Trum did not start ANYTHING on his own. He has never worked for anyone other than his father and then himself after his father got Alzheimer’s. While in college at U Penn and getting a real estate business under grad degree, his father gave him a position in the firm that his father started with Trump’s grandmother.

That company was Elizabeth Trump & Son. It was started in 1918 when Trump’s grandfather died in the flu epidemic. Elizabeth Trump was left with what today would be near to 500,000 dollars that Donald’s grandfather made running and selling saloons, hotels and brothels in the Pacific Northwest and the Yukon and Alaska gold rush. She hired contractors and built homes that she rented and lived off the rents. Fred joined her when he was 18 or so.

Donald’s grandmother and father built the company using that capital. Then they used federal funds to build housing. By the time Donald got to working there they had something around 14,000 units in the NY area and were major developers. They built barracks and garden apartments and single family homes and shipyard housing and 27,000 apartments.

After Trump graduated with his undergraduate real estate business major from a school that his father gave a lot of money to he was given a full time position in 1968. In 1971, with three years’ experience, he was given control of the company. His first act was to rename it The Trump Organization. His father remained CEO of the company. That is the company he runs today, a company he was given. His father still had a big part until the ’90s when he got Alzheimer’s and then he died in 1999 and Donald got most of the company and his siblings got much less. Trump’s father — whose name had been besmirched in New York real estate circles after investigations into windfall profits and other abuses in his real estate projects — was an essential silent partner in Trump’s initiative. In effect, the son was the front man, relying on his father’s connections and wealth, while his father stood silently in the background to avoid drawing attention to himself.

Fred Trump’s company was worth somewhere around 300 million at his death. Fred Trump was one of the wealthiest real estate men in NY in his day. Fred Trump, was at one point one of the richest men in America after constructing apartment complexes for the middle-class in Brooklyn and Queens. Donald grew up in a mansion, was chauffeured to school in a limo and went to private schools which he got kicked out of.

The take away is, Donald was given a very large and successful company. Any so called loans are meaningless. It is much doubted that he paid any back. He was given loans to do side projects and used his father’s contacts, contractors, lawyers, and influence and reputation to do projects. He then proceeded to gamble that away on projects that lost huge amounts of money and went into bankruptcy 6 times. Most people would not send such a wealthy big company into bankruptcy. Almost anyone would have done the same or much, much better than he did. If all his assets had been in put in a basket of funds that tracked the market he would have likely done much better. If he had actually bet on something like Microsoft he would be even more wealthy. He never made a real contribution to national business, never created anything. He did not make other’s wealthy. He has cheated contractors over and over. He is a spoiled, old, rich kid, bully who never did anything worthwhile in his life. Licensing his name on buildings and gold courses is not the sort of business creation that any country needs. When you look at the sort of things the Bloomberg or Gates or Bill Boeing built and the other people and institutions in their communities that were enriched by their efforts you see a stark contrast with the sort of zero sum game the Trump has played in the limited amount of real estate that there is in NYC.

Donald Trump is a 70-year-old man who had a mixed career in business. He managed to lose money in the red-hot New York City real estate market, he lost money in the business of casino ownership when that business was booming and he has a history of defaults and lowered expectations from his business partners. It will be a miracle if he is somehow able to enter government (a field in which he has no experience) and be successful given his previous track record.

Trump wanted to be President (or at least he wanted to get the perks from a run for President) and now that he has achieved that position, the “chase” seems to have been better than “the kill.” He’s not certain what to do now (or in the future), and he’s realizing that many of his lies will catch up to him, and he’s hoping that people won’t notice, so he’s “altering” the landscape to fit the realities that are facing him.

Trump will be a terrible President and the people who voted for him will blame everyone except themselves when this finally becomes evident.

Let’s not forget about the over $40 million he inherited from his father when he died. If Twitler had put that money in the market and sat on his hands doing nothing, he would have a heck of a lot more money than he does now, over $10 billion. You aren’t successful if you would have a lot more money not working and investing than you made working. Jeff Anderson is right, many say he filed for bankruptcy 4 times but it is actually 6 times, with Russia bailing him out. Twitler had large loans with Deutsche Bank, which at the time was run by Wilbur Ross, now our Commerce Secretary, who left after they were fined $650 million for Russian money laundering, I believe that Deutsche Bank loan was Russian money laundered through the bank. Ross then became co-vice chairman of Bank of Cyprus the bank that launders the largest amount of Russian money. One of the largest stake holders in the Bank of Cyprus is Dmitry Rybolovlev, the man who paid Trump $90 million for a house that Trump bought 2 years earlier for $45 million, another great way to move money form Russia to Trump. Neither Trump nor Dmitry ever visited the property, and the house was torn down about a month ago. Dmitry and his plane were seen at 5 airports at least at the same time as Trump was at one of his Thank You Tour rallies in the same towns, their planes sitting at the same airport, in places like North and South Carolina and the Midwest, not a place Dmitry would normally have a reason to be in.

Twitler’s father had Alzheimer’s when he died and I think that he also has it. I just watched an interview he did for BBC News Hardtalk show in 1998 and the difference is his ability to speak in full sentences that actually make sense and didn’t stray off in multiple directions is very telling on how his mind has deteriorated over the past 10 years or so along with his personality changes.

The young man never wanted for anything and he’s going to tell us how hard his father work and he comes from nothing. A million bucks from your pops is not a bad start. The whole family is full of shit.

I’m convinced Donald Trump has inherited dementia from Fred Trump. Watch David Pakman on YouTube. He dissects sentence by sentence an interview, that will leave you astonished. It shows interviews from years ago compared to now & it sadly explains a lot. I now see why he needs family surrounding him. He’s lost the ability to read & comprehend & needs things explained to him visually, as reported by his ‘helpers.’

If Trump has lived the American dream then the dream is fucked up. Is the the American dream to win at any cost? Is it the American dream to scam, lie, cheat, abuse women etc. ..? I hope not!

Twitler’s father left him $44 million, if he had invested that he would have over 3 times as much as he says he has now, or around $10 million. I don’t believe he even has $1 billion, he is in debt up to his eyebrows to the Russians.

he filed bankruptcy at least 4 times…………..yea, that says much on the success he has built…………………..screwing over people at the same time…………………..Eric you have always been out in left field that woman to your side was biting her tongue so badly……………..she had so much more damage to say………… are a FOOL!!!!!!!

Nobody seems to mention that he inherited The Trump Organization, which was founded by his dad. Don changed the name of the company and how claims to have founded it himself.

Donald Trump once admitted that he actually received many millions from his daddy, and if you look at the actual amount he received in his lifetime from Fred Trump’s estate and adjust for inflation, the amount is over a billion.

If Trump had simply put his inheritance in a decent mutual fund and done nothing else, he would have more money now than he claims to have. Instead he has far less than he claims and is at least several hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, and has to keep his financial records a secret, welsh on his obligations and constantly ask his supporters for donations.

When you’re born filthy rich, you have to be a special sort of stupid to have a string of business failures and bankruptcies, but Trump has somehow managed to do so. He’s also had thousands of lawsuits to deal with as a result of his moral bankruptcy.

So to say that Trump started from nothing and made himself a billionaire is completely backwards. He started out astronomically wealthy and is now in so much financial trouble that he’s had to resort to money laundering and other sordid deals for Russia etc. for many years.

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