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Enraged Trumpers Explode With Anger After Ivanka Urges Americans To Get Vaccinated

On Wednesday, Ivanka Trump got vaccinated for COVID-19, and she proudly shared her immunization in Instagram, along with this message:

“Today, I got the shot!!! I hope that you do too! Thank you Nurse Torres!!!”

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Ivanka should be praised for her posting and encouragement that others follow her lead and also get vaccinated for coronavirus. That’s the only way we’ll ever be able to get the country back to normal and greatly reduce the death toll from this horrific pandemic.

But not everyone saw it that way, and they quickly flocked to Ivanka’s post and began making angry, hateful, and ignorant responses. Here’s some of what you’ll see if you visit Ivanka’s posting:

rice488: “No thanks! With a 99% survival rate, I shall pass. With Bill Gates involved I will not get one”

kenny_vv: “Hell no. Why would you post this?”

katherineljackson: “Hell no. Quit telling perfectly healthy people to take this so called ‘vaccine’.”

tash_poonka: “No thank you! I have immune system for a reason.”

rmgvd: “Bummer. I was hoping you were above this kind of virtue signaling.”

Of course, none of this should surprise anyone. A recent poll showed that among American surveyed, white Republicans are among the most hostile to taking the COVID vaccine.

The good news: Fewer Republicans means less ignorance and unwillingness to do something for your fellow Americans.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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