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Elderly Trump Voters Are Refusing To Take COVID Vaccine Because The Donald ‘Didn’t Develop It’

An 80-year-old Oklahoma woman who voted for and still supports failed, one-term former President Donald Trump is refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine — despite being a high risk of contracting the deadly disease due to her age — because she says Trump “didn’t develop it — scientists did.”

The woman, named Margaret, was one of several Trump acolytes who spoke with the Washington Post and declared that they won’t be getting vaccinated, which could seriously hinder efforts to achieve herd immunity in the United States:

“There’s too many unanswered questions,” said Margaret, who agreed to be interviewed only if her last name was withheld because of concerns she might be harassed. Margaret also said she’s fearful of possible side effects, like the headaches that some people have gotten from the second shot. “I’d just as soon as not go through that,” she said.

“He didn’t develop the vaccine. Scientists did it,” she said. “I know one thing: Biden didn’t do it.”

Gary, a 73-year-old retired pipe fitter in West Virginia, echoed Margaret:

“If the coronavirus is supposed to kill you, it’s going to kill you even if you hide under a rock and wear a mask. Personally, I don’t think it’s any worse than the flu.”

Keep in mind these people are saying such things despite the fact that Trump himself contracted coronavirus while still in office and was so ill at one point that doctors feared they’d have to place him on a respirator. And the former president and his wife, Melania, also took the first dose of the vaccine before leaving the White House in January.

How can such unwillingness to listen to medical advice be explained? According to Robert Coon, a GOP consultant, Trump himself is to blame for pooh-pooing the virus for months in an effort to shield himself from having to take any blame for the massive death rate:

“I think the president set the tone early on by downplaying the coronavirus or comparing it to the flu. For a lot of people, the first impression was that it’s not that big a deal, and it’s kind of hard to come back from that.”

And Liz Hamel, a pollster for the Kaiser Family Foundation, noted:

“The attitude that the seriousness of covid was being exaggerated in the media tracks well with how President Trump talked about it when he was in office. His message ‘you shouldn’t be worried about it’, his relentless positivity, is reflected in the attitudes of many Republicans who don’t want to get the vaccine.”

Clarence Cooper, a 64-year-old retired mortician in Florida, told the Post he’d vote for Trump as many times as he runs, but will not get the coronavirus vaccine even though his political idol did, reasoning:

“He needs the vaccine — he’s been risque, not wearing masks. I’m kind of like a cave man … I don’t go out for 10, 11 days at a time … and when I do, I wear two or three masks, wash my hands, carry hand sanitizer, wipe the shopping carts.

“I don’t want to be a pin cushion.”

However, Cooper didn’t say how he felt about being on a ventilator and dying all alone in a hospital isolation ward.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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