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Dubya’s Secretary Of Defense Says Trump Is A Foreign Policy Idiot (Video)

If the thought of Donald Trump making domestic policy–spending, taxes, education–isn’t sufficiently terrifying for you, then consider this title he might hold if elected in November: Commander-in-Chief. Yep, thin-skinned Donnie could have his hands on the nuclear codes and set the missiles flying the first time a foreign head of state disagreed with him.

Former Secretary of Defense for George W. Bush, Robert Gates, has been listening to Trump’s plans to the military, and he is not impressed. Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Gates had this to say about Trump’s big foreign policy speech earlier in the week:

“I think based on the speech you’d have somebody who doesn’t understand the difference between a business negotiation and a negotiation with sovereign powers. For example, he, on the one hand, says we need to be a more reliable ally to our friends. And then in the next breath he basically says we’re going to rip up all those burden-sharing agreements that we’ve had over the decades with them and make them go their own way if they don’t pay for everything.”

Gates also noted that Trump’s unwillingness to take advice does not bode well should be become President:

“One of the things that worries me, Martha, is that he doesn’t appear to listen to people. He believes that he has all the answers, that he’s the smartest man in the room. And I’ve worked with some — for some very different presidents. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Barack Obama. One of the things they all had in common was a willingness to listen to people who with — who had experience, and then make their own independent judgment. Now, they’ve gone in different directions but they never assumed they had all the answers, and that’s one of the things that troubles me.”

Is Trump the kind of loose cannon we want to entrust control of the most powerful military in the world? If elected, Trump would start World War III over some perceived slight or misunderstanding. This man must be defeated at the ballot box if we plan to leave our children an intact nation and world.

Here’s the full interview with Robert Gates:

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