Donald Trump Once Admitted That He Was ‘Sexually Attracted’ To Ivanka When She Was A Child

Even though he may constantly change his mind, one thing remains steadfast when it comes to Donald Trump: He’s a major league pervert.

For example, Trump has said he finds his daughter, Ivanka, to be more sexually appealing than his wife, Melania. And he thought so when she was just 13.

This admission, which appeared in the draft of an article by the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen, was later removed from the final draft which was published. Originally, Cohen had this quote from Trump:

“Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?”

Cohen’s piece, titled “Our Next President, The Godfather,” was published first in 2016, but it was lacking the controversial line shown above.

Here’s the full excerpt as it originally appeared:

“Jared Kushner, our Tom Hagen, who married Trump’s stunning daughter Ivanka — ‘Can I ask you something?’ Trump asked someone I know, about his then-13-year-old kid, ‘Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife? — has lately lost some of this Boy Scout aura. It turns out Kushner’s admission to Harvard was preceded by his father’s $2.5 million pledge.”

All the Post would say about the removed line was this murky comment from editorial page editor Fred Hiatt:

“We edit every column to try to make it as good as it can be. We don’t think it would be fair to our writers to discuss the editing process, and don’t see what is to be gained by talking about things that are not published—there are countless drafts that never see the light of day.”

Given that this isn’t the first time Trump has made such disturbing remarks about his daughter, it seems likely that such a quote did come from his mouth. On another occasion, Trump told a reporter this about Ivanka:

“Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . . ”

Our incestuous President also had this to say about his little girl:

“She does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

Or there’s this quote from an interview Trump gave to Howard Stern:

“You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world, according to everybody? And I helped create her. Ivanka. My daughter, Ivanka. She’s 6 feet tall, she’s got the best body.”

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

91 replies on “Donald Trump Once Admitted That He Was ‘Sexually Attracted’ To Ivanka When She Was A Child”

OK: He wasn’t married to Melania when Ivanka was 13. It would be either Marla or Ivana that he was referring to. Second, it’s not unusual or wrong for a man to find his daughter sexually attractive. Given Trump’s narcissism, that would almost be a given anyway. What’s weird and wrong is telling the world about it. If only out of respect for his daughter (and his wives) it’s not something you shout from the rooftops (or from Page Six). What’s weird and wrong is playing out that fantasy on random 13 year olds in his friends’ private jets. What’s weird and wrong, is acting on it, in any way shape or form. Way weird, and way wrong.

Sick comment!! NO normal father finds his daughter sexually attractive…you’re a creep!!

I the US anything and everything is possible. No country gives a fuck about the US anymore. Just look at the recent the recent G20 summit. Ivanka had to sit there and take her fathers place while he was having whacko attack. She seems like she’s going to be a smart politician someday but she’s not even interested in politics. Too bad for her she’s the only decent thing in the US gov ATM. Without her, the US is irrelevant

If Ivanka is your standard for decency, you lack all credibility. She is just like her father, just better looking, mostly due to considerable nips, tucks, and professionals fixing her up. It’s not all that hard to look amazing when you can pay for it. Her clothing line is made in sweat shops and her shoes are knock-off designs.

I used to think she was the only decent Trump. That is not the case anymore, she is a hypocrite. She has been contributing to slavery in China where all her merchandise is made. As is turning out there are finding many crooked deals where she is involved.

THANK YOU Diane…. The man needs treatment… this is not normal. M.M…. REALLY! It’s not unusual or wrong for a man to find his daughter sexually attractive! Well it’s not just unusual for me. It’s FUCK UP!

What’s wrong with Thumplethinskin is not amenable to treatment. He’s a sociopath and will NEVER entertain the thought of having a problem that needs fixing.

No it isn’t normal. And it is wrong. Fathers who think this way need help. Their thoughts should never even go this far. >:-|

I think this sick m_f was reading Freud when he spoke of the Oedipal Complex. Yes, Freud spoke of such things, as being quite the norm, in his patients. The problem is that all of Sigmund Freud’s patients were severely, mentally ill, convicted criminals. So when Freud was talking about the ID, the Ego, and the Super Ego, the patients he was observing were not among the ordinary, general population of society; instead, they were without exception, violent, criminals with severe mental disturbances, just like Trump. BTW, I should also reveal that when Ivanka was 16, I thought she was sexy and wanted to date her. Of course, I was 17, at the time. I am about 18 months older than Ivanka Trump, so that is normal. The Dumb Donald, is nearly 40 years older than his daughter, otoh. . . .

You are mistaken. I am pschology major and know that most of his patients were middle and upper class housewives. He develped his whole theory of psychoanalysis on sessions with them .

Most fathers can feel proud of having a pretty daughter but to publicly announce you are sexually attracted to her is screaming of some sick mental problems.

I don’t think it is normal at all. What growth and development book were u reading. This is worse than sociopathic behavior and I suspect he has acted on those thoughts.

It’s wrong, regardless of the age. I have NEVER heard a man say anything even remotely like this stuff about his own daughter in my whole life..and I am nearly 70 years old!

“Not unusual for a man to find his own daughter sexually attractive” ???
Incest, child molestation, child, child porn, porn of any kind and sexual perversion really isnt unusual at all in White America is it??? While Ironically white America accuses of Islam of what white America is guilty is. How pathetic. Land of hypocrites home of the depraved

No No and hell No!!!
So a man looks so he is and so he thinks so he does!
It’s not Ok to have locker room talk about ya daughter’s figure especially not on air/line!
What’s weird is the sympathy some of you have for that. If you have a daughter and are not s perv those words are like space, they don’t exist!

You think it is alright to be sexually attracted to your daughter? You are as sick a drumpf.

Second, it’s not unusual or wrong for a man to find his daughter sexually attractive.

What kind of family did you grow up in? It IS unusual and it is WRONG for a man to find his DAUGHTER sexually attractive.

I’m wondering who told you or what proof you have that fathers are sexually attracted to their daughters? I really don’t believe this is a normal feeling for fathers to have.
Was your dad sexually attracted to you?? And if so, doesn’t that just make you feel violated?

Second, it’s not unusual or wrong for a man to find his daughter sexually attractive….Are you freakin’ kidding me??????????

“It’s not unusual or wrong for a man to find his daughter sexually attractive?” …. on which planet …. if you reside with those you feel sexually attracted… it’s going to amount to some thing going on wired somewhere… if a man feels this way about his children he shouldn’t be anywhere near them …. it’s a ticking time-bomb waiting to off…BOUNDARIES ‍♀️

who the eff is trying to normalize this…no just no. that is wrong . go eff yourself m m sands. you have a sick mind and lack an iq. I hate to say it . but this sh!t is really getting out of hand.

Actually he’s right. It’s not a conscious decision. Biology built into every animal, including humans this mechanism of being attracted to the opposite sex. Part of that biology mechanism also inhibits both men and women from acting on it. The reason why we don’t is because of evolution, specifically speaking, inbreeding results in deformity.

If any family or friends are reading the perverse minded man’s post, please don’t have any children around him girls or boys. Don’t invite him to your house and don’t go to his. It is far from normal to have sexual fantasies (attraction) towards your 13-year-old daughter. You are a sick SOB.

MM You say it’s not unusual or wrong for a father to find his daughter sexually attractive? In which universe does this truth exist? Yes, it is both very unusual and very wrong.

I don’t know any man other than Trump who has ever spoken about their daughter in such a blatantly sexually manner. Many father comment on having an attractive daughter but to talk about her body is indicative of what a pervert he is. He’s been accused of raping a 13 y.o. girl who is said to have resembled Ivanka and considering how he talks about Epstein who is known to have raped dozens of under-age girls, I have no reason to doubt the credibility of the girl who was raped. She was contacted during the campaign and threatened if she spoke about the rape but it backfired as she hired an attorney and the event came to light although the MSM didn’t do a damn thing to make the voters aware of it. Trump is a narcissistic, deviant POS who doesn’t belong in our White House. He belongs in a federal prison!

You sound quite perverted if you really believe fathers routinely find their daughters sexually attractive and the idea that it matters which wife is semantics,a non-issue. Get help, you need it.

Ummm…it is VERY WRONG and VERY DISTURBING to be sexually attracted to your own daughter you fucking sick weirdo!

M.M. Sands….You’re just as creepy as Trump. What man looks at his daughter as sexually attractive and says he would date her if she were not his daughter. That’s really sick!!!

It’s not wrong for a father to be attracted to his daughter, M.Sands? Really? You’re going there?

“it’s not unusual or wrong for a man to find his daughter sexually attractive.” wtf?!
are you dumb?! why would you think that? what fathers are you talking to? how could you even say that’s okay, or suggest it’s common by saying it’s not unusual. it is. it is very wrong and unusual. do not try and normalize sexual attraction of a daughter by her father.

It’s not unusual or wrong for a man to find his daughter sexually attractive….Said no sane person ever.

Please tell me you don’t have children.

Lady your about as DISGUSTING as Chump..You need your damn heax examined if you really think its normal for a Father to find his DAUGHTER sexually attracted…WOW your freakin SICK!!!

Sis. What kind of father finds his daughter sexually attractive? A perv! He literally has you uglier brainwashed. Damn white people. I can’t

There is something terribly wrong about a man who finds his own daughter sexually attractive. It’s especially perverted when you take into account, this was back when she was a little, 13 year old girl. How sick do you have to be to think that’s normal? Trump is disgusting, and so is anyone who condones his behavior.

You sick son of a bitch. If you think it is right for a father to think of his daughter in a sexually attractive way you are a sick perverted cunt! I hope you have no daughters you letch!

It’s definitely wrong to find your daughter sexually attractive finding her attractive sexuallu.

I’m…I’m sorry, did you say that it’s normal for father’s to find their daughters attractive? Because WHAT THE FUCK DUDE, THAT’S NOT NORMAL IN THE SLIGHTEST.

you are a pervert and need help. It is very very VERY abnoral for a man to vbe sexually attracted to his daughtwe

Well said except the part about being attracted to ones own daughter. (How bout noooooo) That’s just wrong on so many levels… Clearly an indication of far worse issues!!

Are you fucking joking? It’s not weird or wrong to find your own daughter sexually attractive as long as you dont tell people about it? Your sick!

Your as sick as Trump! Father’s should not look at their daughters as someone you want to sleep with. Are you insane?

Reading this sickened me! So glad I hadn’t eaten first. I can’t help but wonder what this attention, at such an early age has done to Ivanka. Abnormal behavior to say the least!

He is beyond disgusting. One wonders if his inappropriate and incestuous sexual attraction to his daughter has anything to do with her beginning to menstruate from her “wherever”.

vile, perverted mentally disturbed creature. why is all this coming out of the woodwork now? people have known about his sick perverted ways for years but said nothing. ashamed now that he is president? Do something about him.creatures like him should not be allowed to roam the world!.i bet that little 13 year old girl[he raped] was his fantasy Ivanka! SICK creature THREATENED HER LIFE SO SHE DROPPED THE CHARGES.

I notice that she has one hand on top of his hand and the other hand below his hand – perhaps to keep him from touching where he shouldn’t – he is totally disgusting.

It’s ok to state that you have a beautiful daughter, it’s ok to state that you and your child’s mom made a gorgeous child, but to state that you are sexually attracted to your daughter at any age is horrible, even a step daughter is horrible, and the fact that he glorified it and finds it completely acceptable is disgusting, shame on you Mr president, you do no deserve to run the country that MY daughter’s have to grow up in, you do not deserve to have any of our children looking up to you, that is pedophile like behavior and should and will not be tolerated… what the f@€k is wrong with this country to put such a man in office… shame on the people that voted him in when he should have been jailed along time ago…

WTF…as a mental health professional I am not at all surprised at the fact he is attracted to his daughter. I am shocked he actually put it in words. We just slide deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. Is there a disfunction we have not covered at this point.? Idiot, Narcissist, Selective memory, Sad style (if you can call it style), Complete ignorance of politics, cultural patterns, respect for others, and lack of empathy, “Class” impaired, Entitled, and Vain. We are the USA, how is it we can only find these two people to run for the highest office in our country?????
I am 77 this year. I grew up in a strict religion that reminded you “the end is near” often. Never have I been so sick inside and truly afraid of what the future will bring. Feels like the end is not “near” it is imminent.

@Yvonne….Your comment has clearly summed this whole situation
up. The bottom line is Trump, the man, who has and is a problem.
Very little Trump does is even considered normal by normal
standards. I totally agree and can relate to everything you said. We
as a Nation have given the keys to our house, to the burglar himself!

I don’t think it is at all unusual to find any woman of her type of beauty not physically attractive to a man. The problem is his lack of restraint in his words, particularly about those observations of his own daughter. Hopefully, he was restrained in acting on those thoughts, although only Jared could tell us given most women violated as children resent their fathers and that anger can be projected into relationships with other men. He is so crass and out of touch with everything socially acceptable that those characteristics alone disqualify him from the high office of Zpresident

Don’t FORGET, PEOPLE. There is a young woman who had preferred CHARGES against Trump for raping her repeatedly when she was 13 years old! When he was elected the death threats aimed at her frightened her into dropping charges and going into hiding! This happened at a pedophile party that Trump admitted on Howard Stern’s program that he attended. And there is a WITNESS… the woman who helped ARRANGE the young girls to be brought to the party. Sex traffickers… and our President is not only a RAPIST, but a PEDOPHILE.. so NO ONE should be surprised he wanted to have SEX with his own young daughter. May he burn in hell… soon!

I’m sorry but this is disgusting. My father was sexually attracted to me as a 13 year old girl and do u have any idea what that does to the mental state ? It isn’t ok. It isn’t normal. It’s wrong and disgusting.

This is so wrong: if an everyday Dad went around saying this that child would be taken away from a man that thinks like that, and who knows, the creep could have sexually abused her, and not tell anyone and she just adored him, still does, some people actually welcome these kinds of comments from their Father or Father figure. It should have been reported and acted on right away. God know if she let him grab her_______, if he is sick enough and really gets stimulated about her at that age, imagine how he feels now,, and shame on who her Mom was for letting him do that to her. It is abuse and he makes me sick, and it falls right under all the other perverted ideas he has. Get some help people, I really think you are proud of this. Would you trust him with your beautiful young daughter????? Really: I would leave my husband in a minute if he said things, and in public like this. How sick are you,

Whatever his feelings or emotions, a mature man would not give flight to perverse proclivities in public. But we know in Trump we don’t have a mature man.

There are several photos of Trump behaving inappropriately towards his daughter. First is the one with her on his lap and holding his face with an adoring look, right next to a statue of parrots f**king. There’s the photo of her sitting across his lap, and the photo of her giving him a lap dance (facing away) at some sort of sporting event or concert. She couldn’t have been older than 14 in any of them. I’d bet good money that he’s the one who insisted on her plastic surgery (face and chest). Then there’s the Howard Stern Show, The View, and grabbing her by the hips at the RNC— with which she was clearly uncomfortable.
Does the name Jeff Epstein ring a bell?
The monster we call trump is clearly perverse in so many ways; pedophilia, probably incest, and well-documented sexual assaults, all without a shred of remorse or empathy for his victims. Lock him up!

I think we forget who we’re dealing with here. This President has no respect for boundaries. Boundaries, as they pertain to himself or others. He had an incestuous flirtation or worse, his daughter was after all his daughter. He, himself said inappropriate things regarding his relationship with his daughter. Further more it never occurred to him to feel that statements regarding his sexual attraction to his own flesh and blood were unsettling to hear. If he did act on this impulse, his daughter is, depending on frequency or duration irretrievably broken.

I’m throughly disgusted he was one of Epstins buddies for sure. Now if you will excuse me I’m going to throw up.

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