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Donald Trump Has Tried Building A Wall Before, And Here’s How It Turned Out

Donald Trump loves to talk about the wall he plans to build on the American border with Mexico if he should happen to become President. Not only will he build one, he claims, but he will also make the Mexican government pay for it. This is utter bullshit, but Trump lies so much you can just stack it atop the heap he has already stacked up around him.

As it turns out, Trump has tried to build a wall before, and he failed miserably.

Trump owns a resort in Ireland named Doonbeg. And not long after he bought the property in 2014, he announced he would be building a 2-mile long, 200,000 ton rock wall. But from the moment he announced plans to build this wall, the project has met with resistance and remains unbuilt two years after it went into planning.

After first attempting to construct the Doonbeg wall without permission, Trump has gone through several rounds of planning applications. He initially sought special permission from the Irish national government for the wall in March but that request was denied in April. Now his wall is back before the county council, which prolonged the process yet again last Friday, sending a request for further information that could delay a decision another 11 months.

Doonbeg–and the planned Trump wall–abuts a beach in the small Irish town, and the very idea of wall has drawn strong opposition from environmentalists, recreational beachgoers, and a group of local surfers. If the wall eventually wins approval–and opponents say it won’t–activists are already vowing to prevent its construction through direct action.

Trump’s son, Eric, dismisses such naysayers, telling Politico:

“No matter what you do, if you want to build a fence in the middle of a field, somebody just objects to it. It’s the way the world works.”

Eric Trump also blanched when a reporter mentioned the parallels between the Doonbeg wall and the one his father wants to build in the United States:

“It’s cute to pull that parallel, but I think the two have nothing to do with each other.”

It’s also cute to imagine that when the election is over in November, Donald Trump will be able to devote all of his time to that wall in Ireland he can’t seem to get approved. Afterall, he’s gonna have lots of free time when he loses to Hillary Clinton.

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By Andrew Bradford

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