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Don Jr. Winds Up Owning Himself When He Attempts To Troll Bill Clinton On Valentine’s Day

Donald Trump Jr. desperately wants to be relevant now that his old man is out of office and facing indictments from multiple jurisdictions on charges ranging from money laundering to inciting a riot. But Junior’s problem is that nearly every single time he tries to make a cute remark on social media, he only winds up further humiliating himself.

Take, for example, a pathetic attempt at trolling that Don Jr. aimed in the direction of former President Bill Clinton, who served two terms in office and left the White House with an approval rating of 65 percent, the highest of any departing president measured since Harry Truman.

The former president sent out a nice tweet to his wife on Valentine’s Day:

No matter what marital problems the Clintons may have had over the years, they’re still together and still care for each other. And the tweet is sweet, even touching.

So where in the hell does a shitbag like Donald Trump Jr. get the nerve to reply in any manner whatsoever? Yet reply he did:

What’s so funny, Junior? Shouldn’t we all be laughing at the absurdity of you, a divorced father of five who cheated on the mother of his children tossing shade at a couple who have accomplished more than you ever will? Yes we should. And we damn sure will:

You should probably sit down and shut the hell up, Junior. But I’m betting you’re too damn clueless and self-deluded to manage that.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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