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Don Jr. Smacked With Internet Backlash For His Disgusting Attack On President Biden

Today of all days, we should be united as a country while we solemnly remember the horror of 20 years ago when the U.S. was attacked by Al Qaeda, killing almost 3,000 Americans. It was a day none of us will ever forget.

But despite the need for us come together on this day, Donald Trump Jr. thought it would be appropriate to tweet out a disgusting attack on President Joe Biden with an edited image that proves just how empty Junior is deep inside:

Of course, the irony of that meme is that the real piece of shit is the pathetic little boy Don Jr. sees anytime he looks in the mirror. That holds true for his father, too, who will go down in history as a failed, one-term, twice-impeached loser the voters overwhelmingly rejected last November.

Think about it: On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the worst terror attack in U.S. history, Don Jr. thought it was appropriate to call the sitting president something terrible. Is it any wonder so many people despise everything the Trump family stands for?

Junior got pelted with a furious backlash on social media:

Poor Junior. He can’t get his own father to love him, no matter how many stupid memes he posts.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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