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Don Jr. Insists His Dad Is ‘Winning’ And Winds Up Reigniting Suspicion About His Own Drug Use

Think back to last month’s Republican National Convention. There were lots of members from the Trump family giving primetime speeches and extoling the many wonderful virtues of President Donald Trump. Their laudatory pronouncements were so over the top and patently ridiculous that at times you had to wonder who in the hell they were talking about, because the Trump we’ve all come to know and despise over the past four years isn’t the least bit nice, caring, smart, or even remotely stable.

But it was the speech the president’s oldest son, Don Jr.. gave that raised the most eyebrows, mainly because to many viewers he looked like he was amped up with the help of some sort of chemical enhancement. It was so obvious that #CocaineConvention began trending on Twitter. Here’s a little reminder of that speech:

Now we have another video from Don Jr., and this one is also raising questions about his possible use of controlled substances. And once you see it, you’ll probably have questions, too. A word of warning, however: There’s nothing wrong with the sound on your computer or cell phone. See, Junior recorded the clip but neglected to worry about the audio on his end. However, you can read his lips and see him mouth the word “winning” at one point:

What in the hell is that?! His eyes are almost completely shut. And he looks like he’s been awake for a week or so. To quote the late Rick James, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”

Keep in mind there is no proof whatsoever that Don Jr. has ever used cocaine in his life or is currently abusing any substance. But if you’ve ever been around anyone who does use drugs, you can probably spot the look of a user from a mile away, especially when you have a clip that you can run over and over again.

Twitter sure had some thoughts on Junior’s bizarre posting:

Not to be too obvious, Junior, but the number for Betty Ford is 1-877-230-8217. Operators are on duty 24/7. SNIFF!

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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Quite a talker am I , But! I am speechless, part of me feel sad for the spawn of the evil one but come on … We are just getting over the orange king and his performances of eating the microphone Must say it is so tragic the legacy of trump and his ridiculous terrifying reign of terror and chaos. Even we don’t know what’s going to happen Donnie jnr But I think I will not partake of the whatever your on at warp speed, looks like it might eat you in the end

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