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Don Jr. Humiliates His Own Father When He Tries To Question Joe Biden’s Fitness For Office

The Donald Trump reelection campaign is falling further behind by the day, with each new poll providing terrible news for the incumbent president. The vast majority of Americans are saying it’s time for another person to lead the nation, and Trump is even losing the fundraising battle to Joe Biden.

Perhaps sensing that his father is in dire straits, his son, Donald Trump Jr. thought he’d launch a disgusting personal attack on Biden, suggesting that the presumptive Democratic nominee isn’t mentally fit for office with this childish tweet:

Such attacks reek of desperation, as the president and his minions try to find something that will stick to Biden and drag down his approval ratings, but it turns out that they’re only succeeding in drawing more attention to the failures and frailties of the current American head of state, who can hardly walk down a ramp:

And that’s just one of the many examples that can be cited of Donald Trump looking like he’s lost what was left of his mind. There’s also his absolute inability to talk at times. Take a look at this video supercut MSNBC featured on Friday morning:

That’s just downright pathetic. And it proves that while Trump may be a couple of years younger than Biden, the president is in serious mental and physical decline.

Don Jr’s tweet only served to embarrass him and his father, as plenty of people reminded him on social media:

You would think the Trumps would just stay quiet and not make things worse for themselves. But they’re too busy shooting each other in the foot to take a break from Twitter.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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