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Don Jr. Brags He Has ‘Medical Credentials’ Because He Knows CPR

Members of the Trump crime family possess a very special brand of ignorance: They seem to believe their own lies and bullshit even though most people know they’re full of it.

Donald Trump Jr. is no exception to this very unique “Trump rule,” and he proved it again when it comes to his alleged credentials as a medical professional, which he isn’t and never will be.

Junior ran across a tweet from John Rich, who is one half of the country music duo “Big and Rich,” in which Rich took a cheap shot at Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. Here’s what Rich had to say on the matter:

Granted, Mr. Gates doesn’t have a medical degree. And he has never claimed to have one. He does, however, put his money where his mouth is and invests in efforts that will help solve health problems such as eliminating guinea worm and reducing dreaded diseases across the globe, which is more than you can say for John Rich, who’s too busy hawking his own brand of whiskey and barbecue sauce to be of much use to anyone but himself.

Seeing Rich’s tweet, Don Jr. thought he’d join the debate, even though no one invited him and — as usual — all he really wanted to do was toot his own horn in the vain hope of remaining relevant now that he and his daddy are likely headed to prison in New York:

Junior may have merely been trying to make fun of himself, but keep in mind none of the Trumps are very fond of having laughter aimed in their general direction. His father ran for president in large part simply because former President Barack Obama aimed a few barbs at him during a White House Correspondent’s Association dinner. These people do not have any discernable sense of humor. Of course, that’s common among egotistical assholes who think they’re perfect and everyone else is the problem.

There’s also the issue of Junior’s spelling. Who in the hell spells the word “actually” “Acqtualllllly”? Answer: Idiots like Don Jr. who got into the University of Pennsylvania with daddy’s connections and reportedly drank so much in college that he became known as “Diaper Don” because he was known to get so inebriated that he pissed himself on a regular basis.

Much like his father, Donald Trump Jr. has a very inflated opinion of himself. And considering how little he’s actually accomplished in his life that wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter, the only opinion that one can honestly form about the failed president’s namesake is that he is and always will be the butt of every joke because whenever he opens his mouth or grabs his cellphone to tweet, he proves his own blithering idiocy.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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