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Don Jr. And His Armpiece Just Bought A $9.7 Million Florida Mansion – Their Neighbors Already Want Them Gone

In a desperate attempt to stay close to his father so he can constantly suck up to the old man, Donald Trump Jr. and his armpiece, disgraced former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle recently moved to an enormous house in a swanky neighborhood in Jupiter, Florida, that set them back a cool $9.7 million.

According to The Daily Mail, the mansion the couple purchased is a jaw-dropping 11,000 square feet large:

“The six-bedroom, 11-bath mansion is located in Jupiter – just 20 miles from Mar-a-Lago – meaning Trump Jr. will be close to dad, Donald, and step-mom, Melania, who relocated to the resort after leaving the White House in January.   

“On top of the home price, Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle must pay a $195,000 membership fee for access to Admirals Cove’s marina, golf course and tennis courts.”

How exclusive is Junior and his lady’s new neighborhood? Consider who lives in the same exclusive locale:

“Admirals Cove boasts many rich and famous residents. Baseball Hall of Fame member Mike Schmidt and Washington Nationals star pitcher Max Scherzer are among the 888 people who have homes there. Singer Celine Dion previously owned property in the estate.”

However, not everyone is happy to see the son of the failed, former one-term president living near them, and some in the area want Junior and Kimberly gone ASAP:

“According to The Palm Beach Post, about 30 Admirals Cove residents have contacted general management to express concerns about the political pair moving in. 

“Some cited security concerns, while others are opposed the couple on ideological grounds. One resident claimed it was a ‘nightmare’ that Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle were moving in.”

Oh, it’s a nightmare all right. The Secret Service will be crawling all over the place, trashy Trump guests will be coming and going, and worst of all, the Orange Menace himself may show up for a visit. It’s enough to make property values plummet.

Hopefully, Don Jr. and his main squeeze didn’t sign a long-term lease on their new house. After all, there’s a very good chance the Trump family will be in prison before long.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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