Abortion Supreme Court WTF?!

Disturbing Video Shows Anti-Abortion Activists Telling Pro-Choice Protesters ‘Your Body Is Mine’

Across the country over the weekend, pro-choice supporters protested, which is their right under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In New York, video taken of anti-abortion activists heckling pro-choice marchers has gone viral.

Four men are seen standing on the steps of a New York church, with one (wearing a pullover complete with an “FDNY” patch) shouting:

“You have no choice. Not your choice, not your body, your body is mine.”

FDNY is the designation for the Fire Department of New York, which led to this comment from the actual FDNY:

“A video circulating from a protest in Manhattan over the weekend shows an individual wearing a FDNY sweatshirt,” Frank Dwyer, the FDNY’s deputy commissioner of public information, said.

“The individual in the video is not a member of the FDNY. The comments made do not represent the views of the FDNY. The matter is under investigation.”

The same man is also wearing a cap which reads “America First,” a group headed by Nick Fuentes, an avowed white nationalist who also espouses white supremacy.

“Not the church, not the state, the people must decide their fate,” chant the protesters, to which the FDNY man responds:

“I am the people. The people have decided, the court has decided, you lose.

“You have no choice. Not your choice, not your body, your body is mine – and you’re having my baby.”

Another video taken around the same time shows a larger contingency of men who also harass the pro-choice marchers:

Is this what conservatives on the Supreme Court want to see happen across the United States? If so, is another civil war on the horizon?

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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