Dianne Feinstein Hints That Trump May Resign: ‘I Think He’s Going To Get Himself Out’ (VIDEO)

Could Donald Trump actually be on the verge of resigning from office? That’s what California Senator Dianne Feinstein seems to believe.

Outside of a fundraiser in Los Angeles, a protester asked Feinstein how Trump might be removed from office, which led the California Democrat to remark:

“I think he’s going to get himself out.”

Another person made reference to Feinstein looking “white as a ghost” after meeting with FBI Director James Comey to discuss possible links between the Trump administration and Russia. That’s when Feinstein commented:

“We have a lot of people looking at this. I think he’s going to get himself out…I think that sending his sons to another country to make a financial deal for his company and then have that covered with government expenses. I believe that should not be allowed.

“We’re working on a bill that would do that now. We’re working on a couple of bills that would deal with conflicts of interest.”

What exactly is Senator Feinstein referring to? There has been speculation that Democrats, with the help of some Republicans, may be about to introduce legislation that would require Trump and his family to divest themselves of all business connections or face impeachment. There is also talk that if it’s proven the so-called head of state is profiting while serving in office, the Constitution would mandate that he be removed from office.

Feinstein also referenced that “technical people” were working on the Trump matter. Does that mean she expects American intelligence agencies to weigh in with even more damning evidence that Trump and his surrogates colluded with Russia and continue to have ties to Vladimir Putin? With hearings beginning Monday on the Trump-Russia connection, we could indeed be entering a perilous period for the already shaky administration.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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