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Devastating New Poll Shows Donald Trump Is In Very Deep Sh*t

A new poll from what used to be Donald Trump’s favorite propaganda network, Fox News, has very bad news for the incumbent president, showing that not only is he behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the overall horse race, but also on key issues which are will decide who wins the 2020 election.

Overall, Biden leads Trump by 8 points nationally, according to the Fox poll, which is outside the margin of error. That alone suggests that Biden is building a substantial lead as the election draws closer by the day.

But perhaps the most troubling results from the poll are in who voters say they most trust to major issues facing the country:

“The latest Fox News Poll finds voters trust Biden to do a better job than Trump on health care by 17 points, coronavirus by 9, and relations with China by 6.  Trump is trusted more on the economy by a slim 3-point margin.”

And even though Trump still has a small lead on handling the economy, a deeper look inside the numbers shows that Americans are souring on where they see the U.S. economy in the months ahead:

“In January, voters rated economic conditions positively by an 11-point margin: 55 percent excellent/good vs. 44 percent only fair/poor.  Today, views are negative by 58 points:  20 percent excellent/good vs. 78 percent only fair/poor.”

Trump is also extremely unpopular with voters, with 43 percent saying they have a favorable opinion of the president, but 55 percent reporting they view Trump unfavorably. That 12-point spread it horrible news for any incumbent president, especially when compared to Biden, whose favorable vs. favorable rating is much better.  48 percent say they have a favorable opinion of the former vice president and 46 percent saying they have an unfavorable view of the challenger.

One statistic from the poll is sure to enrage Trump: 63 percent of respondents view Obama favorable, and the former president will be active on Biden’s behalf, stumping for him on the campaign trail and raising money for Democrats up and down the ticket.

While it’s true the election won’t be held for another five months, at the moment Donald Trump is in a very weak position and it would appear his chances of a second term are fading by the day.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “Devastating New Poll Shows Donald Trump Is In Very Deep Sh*t”

How does any intelligent person even consider this outfit that is trumps, continue too even be in the running for POTUS ? even in Australia some of the media on sky are touting this ratbag as being on the money. Also suggesting our NZ doctors are taking the drug trump spouts as great for the recovery because they take it? Such convicts that they really are in Australia so many of these are loose on the country as well… Wow! I realized that FOX belongs to Australia as well and Australian are known to have dubious clowns in power as well, so there is no decency where easy skimming is concerned. Be even more vigilant Leave nothing unchecked as there will be some possible way this criminal and his mates will find opportunity to scam the public using any means Even his campaign manager with the data processing skills he has will find ways and means to infect the elections. Be wary Be vigilant stay safe he will want all USA to loose all caution and you shall all suffer the virus He does not care about you AT ALL ONLY WHAT YOU PROVIDE FOR HIM AND HIS CREW.

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