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DERP! Heidi Cruz Just Said Her Husband Ted ‘Is An Immigrant’ (Video)

Not long ago, Ted Cruz found himself having to defend his wife, Heidi, against attacks from Donald Trump. Trump was responding to an ad run by a Super PAC supporting Cruz which showed Trump’s wife, Melania, in a scantily clad photo shoot she did years ago with the tagline, “Meet Melania Trump–Your Next First Lady.” The GOP race had descended into an ugly new depth at that point, with spouses suddenly becoming fair game as fodder for the candidates and their supporters.

Now we have Heidi Cruz attempting to somehow resurrect her husband’s campaign as the state of Indiana votes today in what could well wind up being the last gasp for the Cruz campaign, despite the candidate saying that he’s in the Republican race to the bitter end. Bitter is an appropriate word for Cruz, as his wife told a group of potential voters in the Hoosier State:

“Do you know that Ted has been winning the millennial vote in state after state. He’s been winning the women’s vote in state after state. Ted is an immigrant. He is Hispanic. We can unify this party.

Cruz is an immigrant? Holy cow! Doesn’t that play right into what Trump has said all along about Cruz not being eligible to run for the White House because he was born in Canada? The Cruz camp immediately attempted to walk (try run) back Heidi Cruz’s remarks, telling the media that what Mrs. Cruz meant to say is that her husband’s father is an immigrant from Cuba, a point Ted Cruz often makes when he’s asked how he plans to win the votes of Latinos come November.

But as you might expect, Trump was already in full-on attack mode, telling supporters at a rally:

“Heidi Cruz — nice woman. She said this one: ‘My husband’s an immigrant!’ He’s an immigrant! That’s what I’ve been trying to say!”

Trump was far from finished, driving the knife fully into Cruz with this line:

“She was maybe trying to put a Latin turn on it. He was born in Canada, folks!”

Later this evening, as the results roll in from Indiana, the turn could well wind up being the one that leads to the train bearing down on what’s left of Ted Cruz’s chances at the nomination.

Here’s the video that will haunt the Cruz family for a long time:

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