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‘Deranged’ Trump Gets Mocked For Saying He’s ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Puerto Rico’

According to President Donald Trump, Puerto Rico has never had a better friend in the White House than him, because he’s “the best thing that ever happened” to the U.S. territory.

Trump made that knee-slapping assertion Friday during a press conference where he announced the administration had just authorized $11.6 billion in disaster aid to rebuilt the infrastructure on the island. Only problem is, the White House approved the funding three years after Hurricane Maria devastated the Puerto Rico.

Why the sudden love toward Puerto Rico? Simple. Trump is nervous that he’s going to lose the state of Florida to Joe Biden and knows no Republican has ever won the presidency without carrying the Sunshine State since Calvin Coolidge nearly a 100 years ago in the 1924 election.

And let’s not forget that Trump reportedly wanted to sell Puerto Rico or swap it for Greenland. That tells you exactly how much of a “best thing” he is when it comes to the island.

Twitter quickly lit up with mockery and ridicule:

We can stack this latest lie atop the already massive Tower of Trumpian Babel that reaches to the moon and and beyond. Hell, he probably won’t even bother to give Puerto Rico any paper towels this time unless they agree to pay in advance.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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“Are we there Yet?”
The sickening story and saga of this drowning ugly sessions on lies and tearing down decency?
Are We There Yet?
Is Enough Enough Yet?
Living in another country far far far away from the USA still finds it overbearing listening to the liar in Chief and his ugly minions.
When will Mitch step under the train, and Collins tape himself for all to see looking deeply in the mirror at himself.
Are we There Yet???
Please Just anoint Mr Presidential Biden and sink that boat load of criminals.

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