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Democratic Congressman: Marjorie Taylor Greene Was ‘Gleeful’ During The Capitol Attack

Since she arrived in Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has done nothing but tweet, hold whiny press conferences, and alienate nearly every other member of the House of Representatives, which is quite an accomplishment since the vast majority of the Republican House caucus is composed of assholes and douchebags.

In other words, Greene is a lot like her political hero, Donald Trump. With one big difference: She’s even dumber than the Donald.

Greene could also be facing criminal charges and expulsion from Congress based on what Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) said recently during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House.”

Maloney was asked by host Nicolle Wallace about reports that the Biden administration will release all of former President Donald Trump’s records from the days surrounding the Capitol insurrection to the House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 riots that left five people dead. He told Wallace:

“It’s pretty simple. Let the facts come out. If the president and Kevin McCarthy and other members of Congress were involved in inciting or encouraging a violent attack on the Capitol, I think we should know that. If they weren’t, we will know that, too. But I do think that it’s important that this special committee get all the information about a completely unprecedented attack on our Capitol, and the American public should want that.”

Wallace then asked Maloney why he thought Republican officials seem so eager to cover up their phone calls, conversations, and actions when most of what they did has already been exposed:

“Where do you think the fervor comes from to keep secret their conversations with Donald Trump?”

That’s one of the things the House Select Committee needs to find out, Maloney responded:

“You are right, we already have, out in the open, outrageous conduct, inciting an insurrection against the Capitol, there is really no debate about that. Denying the science and trying to flip the results in Georgia and other places. Let’s know the details, too, let’s know who on Capitol Hill was involved in it. That’s fair. I think there is a reason why they are so freaked out about their conduct and their actions being revealed on that terrible day.”

Wallace also noted that some Republicans have admitted they spoke to Trump on Jan. 6. So why are they scared of their phone records being given to the committee? And that’s when Maloney made it clear he intends to hold every member of the GOP accountable, telling the host:

“Let’s just get the facts. I was there on the House floor, at that location with a bunch of Republicans who were — one in particular who was gleeful of the events transpiring outside. It took me a minute to understand why she was having such a good time. But I saw it. I saw it with her staff who caught up with her. They were excited about what was going on. They had been at the White House, I believe, the day before talking about what was going to happen.”

Who was that gleeful Republican? Wallace inquired.

Maloney replied:

“Well, I don’t want to say but her initials were Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

The congressman then added:

“It took me a minute to notice why they were having a good time. Look, I am reading into their behavior but it seemed to me like they were enjoying what was happening and when they united with some of their staff and some of the people they had been separated from, it was clear to me that they were happy in a way that made no sense given the tragedy that was unfolding.”

You can bet that the Jan. 6 committee and the Justice Department will be taking a long hard look at the members of Congress who may have played a role in the Capitol insurrection. And from what Congressman Maloney had to say, it sounds like Marjorie Taylor Greene should be very worried.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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