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Delusional Donnie Blames Internal Leaks, National Protests On Obama (VIDEO)

As a prelude to the speech he will give to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening, Donald Trump talked with the airheaded bozos of Fox and Friends long enough to accuse former President Obama for all the turmoil taking place inside the White House.

Asked about the raucous town halls many Republicans are facing when they meet with their constituents, the alleged head of state said:

“I think President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it.”

As per his usual, Trump offered no proof of his assertion, meaning that he engaged in what he loves to call “fake news.”

Oh, and those internal leaks flowing out of the White House like a virtual flood are also Obama’s fault, Trump alleged:

“Some of the leaks possibly come from that [Obama supporters] group, you know, some of the leaks, which are really very serious leaks, because they’re very bad…in terms of national security.”

How exactly are leaks which help expose the nature of Trump’s connection to Russia and its thug leader Vladimir Putin harmful to national security? The Fox dweebs didn’t bother to ask because they were far too busy puckering up and kissing Trump’s fat ass.

The larger problem evidenced by what this paranoid tyrant told Fox is that he cannot admit he might be wrong or responsible for the protests we’ve seen across this country. He also can’t seem to get it through his thick skull that leaks are a fact of life in Washington. If he had the ability to engage in a few seconds of self-awareness, he might come to the realization that those leaking the information are doing so in large part because they believe much of what Trump does is damaging to the country. They are hoping to influence him in a positive direction, but he refuses to accept advice from anyone.

One thing is certain: Nothing will ever be Trump’s fault. He cannot admit that he’s already a failure.

Here’s the Idiot-in-Chief whining on Fox News:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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