Dan Savage Says He’s Sick And Tired Of The Current First Lady: ‘I F*cking Hate Melania Trump!’

Dan Savage is a well-known advocate for LGBT rights and host of the “Savage Lovecast” podcast. And he says he’s sick and tired of all the deference being shown to Melania Trump by many in this country.

Savage began one his podcasts by announcing:

“God knows there’s enough hate in the world and I don’t want to add to the sum total, but forgive me, I have got to get this off my chest: I fucking hate Melania Trump.”

Then Savage went on to explain why he feels so strongly about the current First Lady:

“I’m not alone in loathing Donald Trump’s third wife. She’s married to a misogynist after all. Odds are good her husband hates her too.

“But there are some folks on the left who not only don’t hate her, they view her as some sort of sympathetic figure. The pretty princess in the tower locked up by the orange ogre with the bad combover, a princess desperately blinking out distress signals during swearing-in ceremonies and inaugural balls.”

Savage theorizes that liberals have an “undeservedly charitable view” of Melania Trump because she’s attractive, so she has to be pretty on the inside, too. Savage says he could not disagree more strongly:

“It’s definitely not true in this case. Mrs. Trump, Melania Trump, is as ugly on the inside as she is pretty on the outside.”

As evidence, Savage reminded his listeners of two things:

  • Melania is a birther who “went on TV to push the same racist conspiracy theories about Barack Obama that her husband did.”
  • Her hypocritical views on immigration, her plagiarism, and her lawsuits against the media:

“She’s an immigrant who doesn’t give a sh*t about the plight of other immigrants. She’s famously a plagiarist. And she’s brought ruinous lawsuits against journalists and bloggers accusing them of among other things, potentially interfering with her ability to profit off her role as first lady.”

And Savage said the double standard of how Melania Trump is treated compared to Michelle Obama also angers him:

“I don’t know if you can impeach a first lady or how that would work. But I do know that we would have found out pretty fucking fast if Michelle Obama had said the same during her husband’s presidency.”

Add to all of this the fact that Melania wore a jacket as she was boarding a plane to visit children who had been ripped away from their parents by her husband which read:

“I really don’t care. Do u?”

Considering the case Savage makes — and what we’ve seen from the current First Lady — it does make you wonder if she gives a damn about anything but herself.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

184 replies on “Dan Savage Says He’s Sick And Tired Of The Current First Lady: ‘I F*cking Hate Melania Trump!’”

He doesn’t know if a first lady can be impeached? What kind of idiot is he? She wasn’t elected, she’s baggage that came wth tRump. Yes , she is pretty. The amount she/he has spent on plastic surgery would support the average school system for a year. And the last one made her eyes look like she has dust in them with the squint. But she is also a first class lying opportunist as is tRump. They deserve each other. One last thought, he needs to visit her plastic surgeon and get a hair transplant.

Well, no, she can’t be impeached but she can be prosecuted for crimes just like any ordinary American. I don’t see the plastic surgery. I think she is still too young for that. She is like 25 years younger than the mate? Wow.

she has had a lot of plastic surgery. She started out looking like a guy and not a very good looking one either.

Agree 100%. She’s a horrible person and I dint care how many languages she speaks, she’s an ex-hooker who’s riding her meal ticket to the grave.

Andie, you are so right. I always thought she looked like a man.

I have always said that, from the very first time I saw a pic of her….definitely looks like a female impersonator….very sharp features (what’s left of them after the surgeries) and did you ever see her hands? about 3x bigger than her orange-stained husband. And let’s not forget, she WAS boinking that thing while he was still married to #2….she is not some sweet innocent!!!!

Hawww hawwe yeah she does look like Jenner. Only i think Jenner looks better. She look fake or.plastic l guess it comes.from all those plastic surgeries. She need to point her husband in her surgeons direction he could use some work

100% she looks like that DUDE=xy

Dad/Grandpa brucelyn Jenner ..

BTW, is that boy brucelyn still masquerading in female=xx garments?

If she had her brain done they did a pretty piss poor job of it!! She’s as bad as The Drumpf!! Her big thing as “1st Lady” was supposed to be cyber bullying, HA! Where has that been????

I dislike her as well, but she was not involved with Chump while he was married to Marla. However, he did hit on her while on a date with another woman. Yet she still went out with him! UGH.

look at pictures in her younger years…hardly resembles the plastic she is now…boob, nose, eyes, cheeks, brain….etc

If you don’t see plastic surgery, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Age has nothing to do with when some get surgery some teenagers have done things to their bodies.

You are right…even in her nude full frontal holding a hand over her crotch…she had small boob’s …and she has had her cheek’s pushed up into her eyes that looks like a squint.

She most likely got the surgery trump wanted her to get in order to look like the chicken he wanted, his daughter, only it didn’t work out to well. We’ll I guess now we know why he still so fantasized over his own daughter

She saw as involved with the Orange ogre when he was married to his second wife. He did meet her at a party and they immediately became lovers. He did that with each wife, he’s trash and s were each wife. Its so sad all that surgery each of those wives have had, for that punk. SMelania is getting everything she deserves..I don’t feel sorry for that man/woman she enjoys that money and power and she is exactly like her punk hub and. She could care less for humanity. And she is the most unattractive, embarrassing, dumb , no talking woman whose disguising herself as 1st lady. Maybe she can’t be impeached but I can sure not recognize her in that position. Where is she pretty, the woman is vacant. She does not have a soul…

Recently a picture of her before she started her modeling career. Her nose was much wider, her eyes were not slanted, and her cheeks were pretty full (wide).

For christ sakes her plastic surgery before and afters are everywhere on the internet… Some people are even too stupid to use google????

She has the most obvious cheek implants I’ve ever seen–and most of them are obvious. And she had her eyes altered to look like “cats’ eyes,” bu they just look like she has a bad case of hay fever. If you think people pushing fifty don’t have plastic surgery, look at her eyes in her young photos. High school girls have nose jobs, genius.

How’s that old saying go ???
Money talks and that dreaded bullshit walks …. she’s just a washed up ole WHORE with a great plastic surgeon… again Talks !!!!!!
Always be careful what you wish for !

I agree. She is not pretty. The plastic surgery has made her look deformed. I would hate her for no other reason than that she obviously doesn’t believe in growing old gracefully.

No, Trump doesn’t want her to look her age, just like he told her she could only have a baby if she got her figure back and called her names when she was pregnant. I have watched her face change over the years and it hasn’t improved, she looks like the rest of the plastic faced women with too much money, or actresses, especially soap opera actresses. I swear they all use the same surgeon, they all look the same and fake.

I agree. Trump “pushes” her to plastic surgeon. I think the SANE one he has the other daughter go to-e ex-wives also. They all come out the same. Plus Ivanka’s Boob job. Trump should. Lol. But, last year they asked him how does he see himself. “I look in the mirror and I’ve hardly changed. I still look like I did st 39”!!

Jan..He was making a point that she doesn’t deserve the title of being the first lady! Sorry, your head is so far up Der Dumpkf’s ass that you could kiss him! We as the American people are spending BILLIONS of dollars a month to protect her in her tower! That money could be used far better to say fund healthcare or other programs Mr. Dump wants to cut! Stop being so IGNORANT and WAKE UP and smell the deception!

His comment on whether she could be impeached was purely satirical for Goodness sake. You are the idiot for not understanding the humor in the comment. As for her surgery, why even bother bring it up ? is that that important really. Whilst she is not my favorite person, she knows what she is, the wife of a Billionaire idiot president living the life of luxury and bringing her son up. Whilst we may collectively not like the things she has done which Dan Savage has pointed out, she is hardly sending an Army to war or worse. Yes the Republicans said a lot of disgusting comments about Mrs Obama , but that is still not any justification for treating her with Murderous intent, and yes that was hyperbole…

Yes, But we can sure as hell point out the timing of her trip to visit the separated kids was spot on, Completely fake, It was nothing more that a Photo op so everyone could see how much her and Donald care. I’m sure his supporters sucked it right up.

Michelle and Barack Obama versus Melanoma Tramp. It’s like compassion, class, and grace versus the 1st Ho. Barack Obama will be up there with our greatest Presidents ever, like FDR, JFK, Truman, Lincoln, TR, Bill Clinton, and even LBJ domestically. Michelle will be up there with Elanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird, Roslyn Carter, and Hillary Clinton, as far as grace, class, compassion, and genius. and Melanoma Trump will be remembered for not caring and being our only 1st Ho. I don’t hate her, but I don’t give a sh*t about her either. She married for money. She married an overgrown toddler who cheated on his 1st two wives, and now she’s just waiting for him to keel over from all that fast food, just like the rest of US. And she’s probably heading for prison, just like most of the 1st Dysfunctional Family. I don’t care, so why do you. Let’s just keep making fun of them, and when they lose and get indicted, I’ll enjoy kicking them as they sink lower into indictment; trial, and then get carted off to their separate prisons, all except 6 of them, if we include Jared, basically the entire family, except maybe Baron and Tiffany. . . .

His statement that he doesn’t know if one can impeach a first lady was a rhetorical device (obviously), not a statement that he literally does not know if a first lady can be impeached.

As to your snipe about a hair transplant, that was very Trumpian.

Both she and Ivanka have had their boobs enlarged…it’s really obvious by comparing various pictures. Both of them have had their faces worked on. Ivanka looked more like Tiffany before her face had an expert plastic surgeon’s touch. Tiffany seems to be totally natural.

I think any woman that is going to live in close relationship with Trump feels she has to be Barbie “perfect” because he is so obsessed with a certain commercial idea of women’s physical perfection. He ran a beauty contest, for God’s sake! They both seem to have decreated themselves as Trump’s ideal woman.

Folks! One pregnancy changes boobs. For some they get smaller after birth whether or not they nurse, for some they stay larger. Either way, the droop starts. The only thing to help the droop is surgery….. and bras!

My thought that they deserve each other is at least they aren’t screwing up two other people’s lives.

Yes, they are both screwing up many millions of other lives, or haven’t you seen any news reports this year?

I’d bet she has monthly line removal with botox. Her face has already started looking stiff. Remember Joan Rivers.

Mary Tyler Moore , Caitlyn Jenner and so many more must all go to the same Dr. Very obvious and now the tangerine terror is talking about other women’s surgeries, Mika.

Might sound catty, but certainly stating the truth about her. Her face is almost permanently immovable, sort of like Barbara Walters and the way Joan Rivers became. Bottom line is…she is married to the Dumster, who treats women like dirt, and I wouldn’t want to be her for all the money in the world. She should get some courage and leave him, but she might have signed some iron clad agreement with him, especially for the time he is in the office of the President…which will hopefully, be short lived. He has probably threatened to take the boy permanently. I don’t think she stays because she loves him…not anymore.

Baggage indeed, Jan. It makes me gag calling that woman First “Lady”, when she is anything but a lady. Living a “marriage” of convenience for the sake of money. More purchased concubine than wife. Willing to put up with the degradation she’s visibly subjected to by Trump, she’s sold her self respect in the name of living a luxurious life. I feel bad for Barron. That poor little boy didn’t ask for a bit of this and doubtlessly they’re raising him to be yet another entitled sociopath.

Let’s not forget about her low morals. She posed for nude pics and I can bet no other First Lady has done this.

she also did some porn movies…I saw one shot of her naked in a bed with another woman. How on earth does she ever expect none of that filth to come to light? I don’t know how she can blatantly stand up there and try to appear decent. Perhaps in the past she did what she had to do to survive, but now she is just prostituting herself with a known misogynist and accused rapist, as well as an admitted ‘pussy grabber’. Saying it was just ‘locker room talk’ doesn’t make him any less disgusting. I don’t know how she can stand to be anywhere around him for any amount of money. It has to be under threat of losing her boy.

Yes–Dan Savage is so uneducated, he actually doesn’t know whether or not the 1st lady can be impeached. That’s the 1st response you have to these statements? To call him an idiot?

Adam, That was a hypothetical question. Dan Savage is very educated and intelligent. Please don’t ask me what the first response I have to you.

How can you not see all the plastic surgery she has gotten? It’s so obvious. Her whole face has been rearranged. Just like Ivanka. See pictures of them 10 years ago. They don’t even look like the same people.

Google images of her when she was younger. She doesn’t even look like the same person. Lots of plastic surgery. Some photos even show her facelift scars.

No plastic surgery? If you’ve seen the naked photos of her those are definitely breast implants. She had her eyes make ‘cat like’. Not sure about nose and cheeks.

Trump will never get a hair transplant, when he was with Ivana, he had a scalp reduction done by her plastic surgeon. He was in so much pain he attacked and raped Ivana because he blamed her for his pain.

Find an old picture of her and notice that her eyes don’t look as slanted as they do now. She looks like a frikin geisha…!! Pull, pull..!!

Obviously, given that all you can do is insult someone by name calling and for how you perceive they look, I’m not surprised you don’t get satire nor metaphor, which is being used in his comment about impeaching Michele Obama. Sorry, Jan, but you’re the one who’s an idiot.

While I agree with your comment….. calling the author an idiot was unnecessary.. after all we’re on the same side.

That was a hypothetical question! You need to visit an oral surgeon and get a tongue transplant.

She used to have small boobs. You can see that in her girl on girl pics. Not that there’s anything wrong with plastic surgery. But, it’s her time as a top fashion model I don’t believe. She’s always pretty much naked or almost naked.

We didn’t vote for her. She could be wiping windshields on the East Side and it still wouldn’t matter at all.

What made Michelle and Hillary so different is that their husband’s loved and respected them. Their opinions mattered. Does anybody really think Trump loves or respects anyone but himself?

No, she’s not too young for plastic surgery. There are those in their 20’s having it done. She most certainly has had eye surgery, her eyes are NOT normal; squinting is not normal…and she always wears the darkest sun glasses; even when it’s cloudy… so strange!!

You can see the surgery. You can hardly see her eyes. She looks like she is squinting all the time. Also she is an immigrant that’s why she married this disgusting guy. Not sorry for her.

You misunderstood a moment of humor. Dan Savage is NO idiot. He was simply teeing up the point that the crazies on the far right would surely have tried to impeach Michelle Obama (even though there is NO SUCH THING as impeaching a FLOTUS) if she had ever said the sorts of things Moronia has said.

I concur simply because how horrible these “americans” treated Mrs. Michelle Obama and her minor daughters and will have fits if you mention the naked mail-order bride and her ticky kid.

He was facetious about impeaching a first lady.
The problem with posts is that the subtlties
are difficult to create.
I agree that Melania is
a nasty arrogant gold digger.

Of course he knows she can’t be impeached, he’s being sarcastic. Did you really think he didn’t know? Wow!

Jan, you may not agree with Dan. But he’s not an idiot.
That’s trump kind of talk.
I think it would behoove all of us to speak courteously to each other (I’m just thinking out loud here) and set an example for the “leadership” in DC. God knows they need some uplifting examples….

I never understood why he didn’t go to hair club for men. With all that money he could have a nice head of hair. I think he looks in the mirror and sees perfection. That’s the only thing I can come up with.

He HAS had a hair replacement surgery, called a flap. They reposition a flap of scalp from the side of his head over the top of his head. He styles his hair thus to cover the scars.

I agree. She “hooked” her way into Hell. No sympathy. But don’t criticize Dan. He is an awesome writer & activist.

Bravo. Immigrant who is against immigration. Nude gay photos only her gynecologist should see or perhaps what they were, smut mag cover. Acts as though the world is hers to choose , no let them have bread attitude while she baths in caviar cream she sells. Let’s face it, folks, this is a carnival of the most disreputable gaggle of clowns who have no business trashing this great country.

Calm down! He was saying it on jest. He is not an idiot. We are on the same page so no need for anger and division.

How can ANYONE think Melania Trump is pretty…her face is so tightly stretched by plastic surgery her eyes are slanted…I can’t even look at her, makes my eyes hurt…I think she is the ugliest person who is famous alive…well, except her husband, he does have her beat in that dept….

I hear you. I find her to be a little creepy with those eyes bringing a reptile to mind. I just get a bad vibe off her. As for feeling sympathetic, the way she slapped his hand away on public television shows she has some balls. She’s exactly where she wants to be and that tells me everything I need to know about her.

It’s a rhetorical question – it’s a a device used to make a point in debate i.e. she can’t be impeached but I wish that she could be.

He asked if she could be impeached as a rhetorical question. I never understand why people need to spew venom for no reason at all. If you disagree, attack the facts. There’s no reason to attack a writer personally. IMHO it looks juvenile and may stop readers from taking you seriously.

Could we add the messed up Easter event? Her refusal to honor the original commitment she made to help stop bullying in schools? Her lack of presence at any charitable function for the homeless? And on and on. I don’t hate her, just think she needs a candle lit under her bun.

That was an aside, a facitious remark, not to be taken literally, wishful thinking out loud if you will.

Yes a thousand times yes. She’s as horrible and as complacent as her monsterous husband. She would do anything and hurt anyone for the mighty dollar.

The First Lady is an honorary position that is basically meaningless. She wasn’t elected. I don’t care enough about her to hate her and it doesn’t matter if she was a birther or how she feels about immigration or anything else – she is no one. And therefore, she is no one worth expending the energy of hatred on.

I’m livid. Melania is as pathetic as her husband. Wearing a green colored jacket with “I don’t really care, do you” on the way to and from her visit to see a shelter for separated children. Yes she wore a different one while there but make no mistake about it. She sent a very strong message and middle finger to everyone about how she really feels about being there and those children and their families. We all need to wake up. She’s in the image business, married to a master media manipulator, don’t tell me it wasn’t intentional to send a strong message to their supporters and non-supporters alike. She does not deserve to be First Lady. Now all the Trumps have proven to me who they really are. Yes the economy is better but they are making millions of dollars and deals for themselves and we are just lucky enough to benefit some. I’m embarrassed to admit I considered voting for Trump to end gridlock in Washington. Thank god at least enough truth came out about him before I had to vote. I have no doubt now – they are ALL Liars, incredibly corrupt, elite racist hypocrites and big time fakes and con-artists who only care about MONEY and themselves and want to replace democracy and decency with their corrupt family and friends and cult-like loyalists including Fake Fox News. Everyday they are trying to dismantle democracy and create their family autocratic monarchy. Putin is thrilled!! I wonder how much his apprentice cost him!!! I know it’s cost me my peace of mind that Trump is more loyal to Putin than our Democracy and admires North Korea’s Dictator And expects adoration and complete loyalty from every American like their dictator. We are in trouble. His base is blind and they need to wake up before it’s too late!

You seem satire challenged. This reveals you to be intellectually challenged as well. As to the ugliness you show attacking Dan’s hairline, I guess when you have nothing you descend into the sophomoric. I wonder who else does that? Wait… I think it rhymes with “dump…”

It’s a joke you moron. You clearly lack critical thinking and reading comprehension skills.. go back to first grade….

The entire clan is a nest of deer ticks with Lyme disease. you can’t single one out as good or bad. they are an incestuous nest of infected diseased ticks, all of them.

I totally agree, it irks me when someone goes on about how they feel sorry for her. She is a citizen and doesn’t need him to stay here. What do you expect, her father is a member of the Communist Party, probably one of the reasons Trump married her and I am sure Putin approves. Trump has never loved anyone, thoughave a sick lust for his daughter Ivanka. Melania is just pretty arm candy that draws attention to him when they walk into a room, nothing more. I have no sympathy for her, she continues to stay with him, though he has probably threatened her of what would happen if she does leave.

And we now have her parents living in the WH. Communists in the Whitehouse! Every president from Washington to Ford are spinning in their graves

I understand that her parents are not in the WH but are living in tRump’s gilded tower with her. Another couple billion for security and living expenses that could pay for Obama care for a year for everyone, probably!

Her father is a former member of the communist party, not a current one, though that doesn’t really matter as being a communist is not illegal. And her parents do not live in the WH, they live at Trump Tower. Not a Trump fan, just a fan of the truth.

I also hate Melania, but she isn’t the First Lady, that honor goes to his mistress/daughter who is actually in the White House.

Thanks for posting this. I have been suspended from fb for posting Melania’s nude and semi-nude photos (even though she claims to be proud of her modeling work!) and accused of slut-shaming by fellow liberals. But not all women married to assholes are victims and noble people. Think Leona Helmsley or Imelda Marcos.

I was suspended by Facebook also for posting her nude picture, I say screw it , when you can post pictures for the press!

I agree completely! After the phenomenal Michelle, it is slanderous to call this ovary- bearing member of society “First” anything. She is of the same ilk as her husband, she married for money and was/is willing to sell her soul to the devil.

I absolutely agree with 100%. And with all her money, power and influence what the F**k has she done to improve herself or to help anyone else. Also, there’s something to be said for someone who decorates their home in all gold and white. It’s sooo pretentious, tacky and not a bit comfortable or welcoming. And she is selfishly mooching off the American Ppl. She didn’t even have the courtesy to be hostess to the wife of the Japanese President. And typically, the first lady also is the one to five ppl the tour of the WH. Nope. can’t get off her G damn ass and do anything. What does she think she is entitled. I wouldn’t give her the time of day if I ever met the B.

She worked, as a model, on a tourist visa, and that makes her an illegal immigrant to me.
She should be deprted back to Transylvania, or where ever it is she came from.

I agree with you 100%! It is so hard for me to believe the Republicans that claim to be the Christian Right
Thinks so highly of her! They would have went ape shit if Michelle had been a nude model! Never in my
Wildest imagination thought Trump with his reputation would have been elected. Michelle was critized
For sleeveless dresses and Melania is accepted without a dress. Just showed the hyprocrites of the so called
Religious right!

One thing I’ve noticed about the right wing: they’ll forgive ANY behavior by their politicians, even as they criticize Democrats for the same behavior.

You are so right! What a sham they all are for the things they say and the things to fail to do! Trying to erase Obama’s record just because he is Democrat and black, how NEANDERTHAL OF THEM! Disgusting!

I have to agree. She’s not deserving of the title First “Lady”. She married for money, and popped out an insurance policy. She has about as much class as a garden slug, and that is evidence in her porn, excuse me, modeling career. Her refusal to move into the White House because of her brat,( he will turn out just like his half brothers and sister from “The Donalds” first marriage), says a lot about how she feels about her station in life. She is above that. That’s what common people do. Every other president has uprooted their family and move them into the White House, but she feels she is too good to do that. She is not dumb by any means. She is playing her game at the expense of the American people. People think she is beautiful on the outside, so she is beautiful on the inside. Wrong on both counts. On the outside, she is odd looking, and we have seen the inside, and it ain’t pretty.

Rode hard & put away wet. I don’t mean rode by Tiny Dump. She is just a paid for Ho. The 1st daughter says she looks like a goat. She does goats have wide faces & squinty eyes.

She supposed to be the first lady, people seem to forget their background before they step into the public’s eye. Regardless she has posted nude .as a mother, her child has to dill with this as he get older.Shame on you lady.

You would think that with all their GD money, Melania would learn to speak American English. WTF? She could work with a coach like actors do to get to the point where we can understand her for God’s sake. He can afford any plastic surgery he wants. He should have gotten a hair transplant ages ago. I’ll bet he thinks he looks sexy with that stupid hair and white makeup accenting the bags under his eyes. Do they have mirrors in that palace?

Here, here! She’s horrible. The plagiarism was made worse by the fact that in interviews before the convention she gracelessly bragged to reporters that she had written her own speech. What an idiot. She’s kind of like Borat in that everyone cuts her a break for sounding dumb because she’s “foreign”. It’s not a language thing. She dumb. Her entire argument for why Barack Obama’s “Certificate Of Live Birth” wasn’t a valid birth certificate was “ve sink is different”. She lied about having a college degree and was gung ho about making dough off being first lady until she discovered that the public notices plagiarism and lying. I’m sure Donald has decided she isn’t fit for public consumption and so now she just pouts in her golden apartment while we pay for her security. I hate when Repubs go on about how much prettier she is than Michelle. Michelle is a true beauty, inside and out. Melania is a soul less gold-digger with a harsh face. The fact that she clearly hates the man she’s paid to sleep with doesn’t make me like her.

Try to use proper English while criticizing her for as you put it’she dumb’.otherwise, I am in some ways in agreement

Julie, before you go all grammar police, please review this corrected post. “Try to use proper English (did you mean proper grammar?) while criticizing her for, as you put it, “she dumb”. Otherwise, I am in agreement with many of the things you wrote.” (Saying you are in “some way”‘ in agreement makes the reader wonder what “ways”, forms, your agreement takes.).

Number one, Melania needs to move to the White House with Baron or pay the extra $500,000 or so a day in security for her to stay at Trump Tower. Military families move their children mid school year ALL the TIME so what makes her so special. Number two Melania needs to start “working” like she is the first lady and actually do her job, IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Three, your official portrait did not even look like you given it was so filtered and photo shopped. Four, it is embarrassing to see Ivanka more as a daughter-wife than Melania who should be the actual wife. It has always been about the money with this family.

Where is Isis when you need them at 1600 and Mar A Largo? This is the worst I’ve seen America and the worst administration. Repubs are a crock of sh*t. Calling themselves Christians while praising a naked FIRST LADY ALL over the net that according to her own country says she was a prostitute. Our government doesn’t pay for 2 homes for military families so why doesn’t Malania move to where she should be? There breaking this country and DOESN’T care. Selfish bastards.

Lets not forget that you can literally google ” Melinia Trumps ass” and find a stunning portfolio of porn that would never have flown in any other first lady’s life. SHe is and always s was a gold digging hooker, sorry escort and I still cannot figure out how the “Christian” right can cope with this. Plus she doesn’t want the job. SHe thought that she could just shop till she drops or until she’sreplaced

I’ve wondered the same thing. Why should people defend her? If she is in a loveless marriage, she is there out of her own greed. They deserve each other.

I hate her too – and I especially hate “Oh poor Melania”….bullshit. She took up Trump when _he_ was already married, she seen how he treated the other 2 wives,she knew she has a limited expiration date. how can the “Christians” admire the adulterous homewrecker? I do not see why anyone should feel sorry for her. She doesn’t want to live with him – we don’t either, so suck it up, buttercup.

Pretty sure everyone with eyes and the ability to think for themselves can see that Melania is perfectly suited for Trump. She is the gold digger whom agreed to marry for money. Previously, she did pretty immoral things for money so why not be a full time prostitute to one man. Sex for money so I call it like it is.
She isn’t pretty though. She might have an attractiveness about her but pretty is partly in the eyes and her eyes scream predator which is very ugly. Windows to the soul perhaps and her soul is just as icky if not moreso than her husband. It is disgusting to think these two have tarnished the white house by stepping inside. It is a travesty.

Wouldn’t think anyone would ever believe she is a sweet first lady.. that isn’t remotely a possibility in the slightest.

I disagree with you completely, she is not good looking on the outside.
I know and she was a model, it´s crazy. Maybe I see how horrible she is on the inside and it comes out but there is something so fake and plastic about her. She is not a good speaker, smiler, model or role model so Im sorry but save America some money and buy a sex doll.

I completely disagree with all of you. She likes President Obama and Michele. She brought Michele something from Tiffany and that was not a requirement! I see how Melaniia dotes on Barron by fixing his tie and his hair! Think what you want of Trump and his band of Misfits, but Melania is living in NYC, NOT Washington. Get off her back folks. She hasn’t come out to stand behind Trump, however she must travel with him. I think she knows what is going on and has taken a back seat to it all. She is smart, her English is improving. She publicly has spoken out against bullying and has never been proven to be a racist! Melania’s speeches are writen for her. Regarding her clothes. It was ok for Jackie Kennedy to spend more money in clothes, than President Kennedy made his first year as President. I love the Kennedy’s and LOVED Jackie “O”. Don’t judge a book by its cover. IT’S WRONG!

Hope you’re being facetious, loves him and loves to hold his hand in public. Writes her own speeches and is an English scholar.
At least Jackie O. wore clothes no matter how much they cost.

Daniel Parks, as a matter of fact melanin and barron recently moved into the WH. She also stands up for cheeto quite often. About his grab them by the pussy comments she said it was just ” boys talk ” . And recently she was on a council for cyber bullying and when cheeto tweeted that stuff about mikado and morning Joe, melanin responded that if you lash out at her hubby he will respond back 10 times worse. So she’s against cyber bullying…unless it’s her husband doing it ! As for getting off her back…she’s spent her whole life on her back, she can take it

I don’t hate her, but she is disgusting along with the rest of vermin that carry the tRUMP name. They are all parasites.

I try to invest the minimum amount of concern for the First Lady, but I never miss the chance to tell anyone who is singing her praises that I truly believe she is the classiest woman that big money could buy. That usually puts a puzzled look on their faces; they’re not quite sure if it was an insult or a compliment.

Dan Savage – I remember when you and your partner were considering your boy’s adoption. You said, on the radio, that folks kept saying if you wanted a child, why didn’t you just get married.
Your response was: I want a child, not a wife.

I always call her for what she is gold digger gold digger nothing inside out as first lady no intellectual or charity achievements as for pretty ??? beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. she doesn’t
have what is needed to be a first lady

I don’t give a damn about her…….she has nothing to offer, a waste of time ..Its her husband who worries me.

The only thing that bothers me about her is the fact that it is costing the US millions of dollars per day for her security, wherever she and her son are! I do not think she is worth that!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, She’s a shrewd woman who married a vulgar misogynist to take the easy life here in the US. She’s no victim. She’s just another woman who sold herself for a fur coat and the easy life.

Let her sink back into the oblivion she so richly deserves.

You know, I have never met Melanoma or any of the mixed Trump litter. I have no desire to. So I can’t testify by looking at their appearances and the awkward falseness which appears through their images on television and gets echoed on the radio, then plastered in print; exactly what each of their characters plus or minuses are. However, I do have views having observed the Trumps. They all lie. Whatever they say you cannot believe. Even if there is a thunderstorm passing over and they come indoors saying “it is raining outdoors.”

My thoughts of their presence in the White House is the fumigating, sterilizing and bleach bath that is going to have to be applied once Trump and family and their associates are out of the White House. Destroy each bed mattress and box springs. I can’t imagine a real President who replaces him, having to live in the executive quarters and not have every fixture which they depend on for daily needs free of radical scathing slime.

The idea of having a prostitute in the whitehouse as our first lady is disgusting. This is a horrible role model for the girls of today.

Milania is treated as charitably as Hillary has been ravaged unfairly. Apparently even liberals prefer women to be porn stars instead of political leaders.

OK, so she still has a great body, but too bad about the face. She was actually pretty (not beautiful) when she was much younger. If she sues anyone, it should be her plastic surgeon.

Me too! She owns cosmetics and perfume companies that perform horrible tests on beagles and other dogs, cats, rabbits and small animals. She’s a sold piece of shit! I hate her almost worse than Trump and that’s a LOT!

What does it matter if she’s had plastic surgery? Nobody’s business! I’m not a fan, but come on!

I agree that Melania has none of the great qualities that Michelle Obama exhibited, but we are sinking to the same level of the racists that called the Obama’s all the filthy, not to be repeated, things that the deplorables spat out. I do feel someone sorry that she has to sexually give in to that man that makes me want to puke everytime I see his face. But I guess she is able to stomach it for all that money.

There are times that I wonder how she came from a little town in Slovakia and ended up at a party to be introduced to Donald Trump. She was a 28 year old model who really hadn’t done that much, but somehow, she gets herself in his view. Really amazing.

Melania Trump, is not worth the time you all are taking to converse about. She chose her fate..sold herself to the devil to live in a gilded palace and buy expensive frocks.. with a full staff for her and little Barron. sorry..don’t feel bad for her whatsoever.. this is how it ends up when you sell your soul dear!!

Melania is the poorest excuse for a first lady and she has done basically nothing. Just like Ivanka and Jared. Trump thinks he can parade Melania and Ivanka around and always comments how beautiful they both are. Your the president, but no your not your the pig on the Access Hollywood that was degrading women like they’re worthy of nothing but a good pussy grap. Your still that same man, and being president changes nothing. And all this family are scamming this country and no one has the balls to stop it because they are afraid that Trump will tweet something nasty about them…..Dan Savage I get exactly what you mean… didn’t she say she was going to focus on doing something about bullying…..well all I can is you probably should start at home first. Seven months into a presidency and all we see is Trump strutting her around like were impressed with his arm candy…..well I’m not and know many that feel the same.

People – SHE’S A DISTRACTION! Ignore her completely. She has no power or influence.

Now if we were talking Ivanka…that’s an entirely different story. Sleazy but different.

I don’t know what websites you’re going to but every group I see is bashing her. I personally find it a useless endeavour and a complete waste of time. She isn’t the problem it’s her husband. So if I focus on the December election of the Senate seat Sessions vacated and the 2018 elections does that make me sympathic to Melania well I guess put me in that column but frankly she has no value politically and that’s what we need to concentrate on. It’s just another Oh look over there distraction from what really should be addressed.

All you say about her is true. But it is distracting to focus on how she looks or even her other faults. SHE is not the president. There is a history of dumping on the President’s family. Never liked it. We need to focus on impeaching dertrumpster and averting the disasters he creates.

Do people really think she’s pretty? I can see where she used to be pretty and her good bone structure, but now she just looks weird with that squint. Other than the fact that her attractive younger self is what made her attractive to Donald, that’s beside the point. She’s a gold digger who saw an opportunity and hopped on it like a duck on a June bug. The sympathy comes from those who understand that we make bad decisions in our lives and it’s apparent that she realizes her mistake.

Melania’s looks aren’t that great or important and they are not the reason that I don’t like her. She cheated with the Great Cheeto while he was married to the women he cheated with while he was married to wifey #1 and now he’s cheating on her and she doesn’t have the self esteem to grab her kid and leave the disgusting sack of shit that she married for all that stolen money. She champions anti bullying and doesn’t say a word while the great trumptard lies in bed, eating any thing greasy and tweeting repugnant things about anyone not willing to kiss his fat dumb ass and tweets hate laced tirades about anything he beyond his ability to understand. If you marry and support and enable a fat dumb fuck, that makes you a dumb fuck as well. When you see something and can’t say something , you don’t deserve to call yourself an anti bully advocate. If you take $100 to spend a half hour with tRump the Hutt,or $130,000 to jut go away and shut-up, or marry the fucking pig for a home, support and alimony, You Are A Hoe! ! ! No she is not an elected official, but she is a public figure and since she chooses to make comments and give interviews, because of her position, then I will respond in kind. Melania is as corrupt as any tRump in the klan. (except Tiffany, I like her)

No comment if you can’t say something nice don’t say it at all unless it’s a corrupt politician

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