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Cuomo Asks Conway: Why Are You ‘Ducking The Obvious’ On Russian Hacking?

In recent weeks, it has become ever more obvious that the Trump team is not interested in talking about the Russian hacking of computers at the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee which may have helped sway the election on favor of the GOP nominee.

This morning on CNN, Chris Cuomo attempted to ask Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway about the leaks and today’s briefing Trump will receive from American intelligence officials on the matter:

“Did (Director of National Intelligence James) Clapper come out in early October and say we know it was Russia?”

Rather than respond, Conway tried to argue what President Obama had said at the same time, but Cuomo quickly shut her down:

“No, no, no. What did he say? That’s the question — what’s the answer? What’s the answer? Did Clapper come out in early October and say we know it’s Russia?”

Later, Conway began whining about how all the questions regarding hacking are meant to undermine Trump:

“I really believe there are those out there that are trying to delegitimize his presidency, review the election results — and you know it.”

No need for anyone to try and delegitimize a man when you consider nearly 3 million Americans chose his opponent over him. Also, Trump’s words and actions have done plenty to make certain few will ever take him seriously.

Cuomo then forked over some harsh facts for Conway regarding her inability to separate her feelings about the election from the fact that Russia was involved in determining the result:

“It seems to be motivating the president-elect to disrespect our intelligence agencies. It seems like you can’t divorce these two notions, and it’s creating a really tough situation.”

Then the CNN host added:

“I’m trying to put the facts out there, because you’re ducking the obvious — and I don’t know why.”

Conway stacked another lie atop all the others she had told, responding:

“I’m not ducking. Hey, Chris — by the way? I’m not ducking a thing. Not my style.”

Not your style, Kellyanne?! It’s your damn calling card!

Here’s the interview:

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