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Conway Gets Snippy When Fox Host Asks If Pence’s NFL Walkout Was A ‘Political Stunt’ (VIDEO)

The Trump administration’s continued hardline position regarding protests by NFL players during the national anthem is once again bringing controversy to the White House, this time due to the actions of Vice President Pence.

On Sunday, Pence attended a game between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers at Lucas Oil Stadium. When some players knelt during the playing of the anthem, Pence walked out, part of a pre-planned stunt which cost taxpayers almost $250,000 for transportation and security.

Senior adviser Kellyanne Conway was asked about Pence’s actions during an appearance on Fox & Friends Monday morning. She said it was “outrageous, egregious, and offensive” to call Pence’s walkout a “political stunt.”

Co-host Steve Doocy seemed unwilling to accept Conway’s explanation at face value, asking:

“When did the vice president and the president talk about doing this?


“Well, they talk every day.”

Doocy then followed up by inquiring:

“So, they worked this out last week?”

Clearly upset by the question, Conway snapped:

“Hold on. They talk every day. And they certainly have talked about this issue.”

As well they should. Let them talk about it, debate it, even hold hands, pray, and sing a hymn. But when the actions of this holier-than-thou, robotic Vice President wind up costing the taxpayers a quarter of a million dollars so he can his boss can make some moronic “statement” on a matter they understand next to nothing about, don’t be surprised if more than few Americans start to wonder why their tax dollars are being used to amuse the head of state and somehow help him feel vindicated.

Trump and Pence have no regard for issues which affect the marginalized in this country: the poor, African-Americans, Latinos, women, the LGBT community. But when they start taking money out of our pockets to indulge their supercilious whims, we have every right to tell them we disagree and want them to cease and desist.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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